Masters Worlds Jersey

We now have preliminary details on how you can win this jersey in Louisville

As reported in JD Bilodeau’s 2011 USA Cycling Cyclocross Promoter Summit report Part 2 earlier this morning, qualifications and eligibility details are being discussed and finalized for the 2012 UCI Cyclocross Masters World Championships.

Preliminary details reveal no real surprises, in that UCI rules on requiring international licenses to participate in the Masters World Championships will still apply, and that the suspected large field sizes will need to be addressed through qualifying races.

Joan Hanscom, co-promoter of the 2012 and 2013 UCI Masters Worlds as well as the 2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championships, reiterated to Cyclocross Magazine this morning that the preliminary details we reported were not final and were awaiting UCI blessing, saying that until then, “I can’t tell you if they are right or wrong.” She stressed that the requirements for participants to carry a UCI license come straight from the UCI, as “licensing is licensing…the UCI decides that” – but that the requirements to secure the international license are quite involved and take time and proper planning from participants. Hanscom emphasized that for many first-time Masters Worlds attendees, it will be news that they are “being asked to buy a $150 license, do a wet signature and submit proof of nationality.” (A wet signature is typically in person, by hand, with a pen.)

Details on securing an international license can be found on the USA Cycling website. It’s important to note that an International license will be required for 2012, not this year.

As to the qualification and heat race procedures, Hanscom described her team’s approach, saying, “We wanted what is a fair and most equatable approach, not just for the US athletes, but for people coming from around the world.” She said the proposal received “a thorough, thorough review by a big chain full of people,” but is still waiting confirmation by USA Cycling and the UCI. If approved, racers can be assured they will race one full-length race, and in the case of larger categories, an additional three-lap qualifier.

Cyclocross Magazine’s efforts to confirm these details with USA Cycling and the UCI have been unsuccessful, but preliminary details were also published this morning on the Louisville 2013 website highlighting the likely requirements for the Masters Worlds event:


All racers will be required to hold an International Racing License. USA Cycling recommends beginning the application process as soon as the 2012 licenses will be available for purchase on December 1, 2011. The international license includes domestic licenses for both road and mountain, too, so riders will not need to purchase separate domestic licenses for the season.

Licensing Process:

The application process requires more steps, including a “wet” signature on the international license athlete release form and proof of nationality. These two items are not needed for a domestic license, so riders will need to make sure the signed waivers and proof of citizenship are submitted and processed by USA Cycling well in advance of the event. If these are not received and processed, the rider will be ʻpendedʼ in the system and will not be allowed to compete.

What are the additional steps?

  1. Once the international license has been purchased online at, riders will be prompted to download, sign, and submit the athlete signature page. This may be submitted to USAC via fax, email(scan), or postal mail.
  2. Provide a copy of your birth certificate or valid passport for proof of citizenship. If a rider is just renewing their international license, they do not need to provide a proof of citizenship if itʼs already on-file with USA Cycling.

It’s also important to note that any member of a team registered with the UCI during any part of the season is not eligible for the Masters World Championships, keeping road pros from competing in the age-group championships.

Regarding the heats and qualifications, here are the latest details as published this morning:

The UCI Masters World Championships have a UCI-mandated field limit of 80 riders. For fields with greater than 80 registrants: the UCI Cyclocross Commission has determined that short heats should be installed, with a limit of 60-70 riders per heat with a maximum of 8 heats, and a ʻrepechageʼ. Start order for the World Championship final will be according the results of the heats.

Start Order / Call-Ups / Finals Qualification:

  1. Call ups for all qualifying races will be random draw.
  2. For fields greater than 75 riders a 3-lap heat race will be run. The number of heats will be determined by the total number of riders registered. In the heats, riders will be called up by random order in the same method as mentioned above. The finals will be raced with 80 riders with 5 coming from the Repechage. The Repechage is open to all racers who did not qualify for the Finals coming out of their qualifying heat.
  3. For the World Championship Final, riders will be called up by their order of finish in their heats (all first riders of the different heats, all second riders of the different heats and so forth).
  4. A second final – or Consolation Final – will be raced to determine finishing places 81-onward. The Random Draw will be conducted on-site at registration. The rider who draws Number One will be called up first and so on. Riders will draw their own numbers.

After the excitement of the announcement that Louisville landed both the Masters and Elite, Junior and U23 Cyclocross World Championships, we know many of you have been anxious to learn about the possible qualification and eligibility procedures, and it appears final details aren’t far away. Stay tuned for additional reports on this topic, as well as the official press releases from USA Cycling and the Louisville 2012 Cyclocross Masters World Championships team.