The Locust Fun Ride combined road, dirt, and hills for a great day of fun.

As our season quickly approaches, riders are finding more and more reasons to bust out the ’cross rig. Take the residents of Fairfax, California, who opted for a 47-mile “Fun Ride” up and down the fire-roads of the eastern state. Murphy Mack brings us the full report.

by Murphy Mack

The sun was out and the weather was beautiful for the third installment of the Two Wheeled Locust this past Sunday in Fairfax.

The MCBC Fun Ride saw 57 starters with 46 finishing the whole route. Local hero Shady Deal finished the 47-mile, 6,800 vertical-foot route in 3:17:36, just edging out Cesar Chavez who finished in 3:20:54.

At the second checkpoint – 2:52:00 into it at the 34 mile mark – Shady came off the dirt and onto the pavement for the final road segment about seven seconds ahead of Cesar, pausing only long enough to check the gap before the claws came out. With neither one stopping for water at that point, the fight was on!

Moments later, the chase group emerged from the fire-road climb up to the checkpoint – Tao Bernardi leading the charge with Gabe Keck and Krisha Dole close on his heels. As the racers sorted themselves out on the 12 miles of paved road to the finish, Tao led Krishna to the end with Gabe chasing in 3:25:39, 3:28:11 and 3:30:37, respectively.

Riders were eager to show off their new rigs...and style. © Daten Schwanz

The next group in was Mike Shouder, local favorite George Hope and Chris McNalley in 3:44:07, 3:44:48 and 3:45:43.

Sheila Moon’s boyfriend, Sasha Magee, had a busy day crushing it, coming in at 3:52:00.

The fastest women were the trio of Joie Job, Jen Jordan and ‘Roaring Mouse’ Julie Bates in 5:30:00.

Marin County Bike Coalition’s Tom Boss arrived with his pockets bulging with the litter he collected on the way (soda and beer cans, plastic cups, cigarette butts and other assorted treasures) in 5:24:00.

Course sweepers Emily McLanahan, Kathleen Boyle and Caitlin Trahan rolled in cheerfully at the 7:53:00 mark.