Laurens Sweeck able to brush off the events of the last ten days to go on to win at Hoogerheide. © Thomas van Bracht / Cyclocross Magazine

Laurens Sweeck, shown here winning at Hoogerheide after the case went underway. © Thomas van Bracht / Cyclocross Magazine

According to, Laurens Sweeck will be able to head into the 2015-16 season without worrying about further prosecution in the doping case involving “Doctor Ozone” Chris Mertens. The case created plenty of drama late in the 2014-15 season, involving riders Tom Meeusen, Greg Van Avermaet and Bart Wellens as well as the final stages of the World Cup went underway.

Sweeck was allowed to ride at Hoogerheide, and despite the pressure of the two weeks beforehand, was able to ride away with a victory.

The prosecutor of the Royal Belgian Cycling Federation (UCI) in the Sweeck case decided that there was insufficient evidence to continue. Sweeck was accused of injecting Vaminolact, a baby medicine, which is not on the UCI’s prohibited list unless the drug is injected with more than 50 milliliters use in six hours. Sweeck maintained that he only used the drug orally.

According to, Sweeck welcomed the decision: “I am primarily relieved because that thing haunts me so long as I knew myself that I am innocent,” said Sweeck. “I thank the federation because those twelve days after receiving my file already took into consideration. The quick verdict makes finally for collateral, for example, about my participation in the first World Cup event in Las Vegas. There I was, with my sixth place in the world, right on. Finally I can close that chapter. I hope I can also read this morning on the front page like a few months ago. “