at Cyclocross Worlds in Hoogerheide. © Thomas Van Bracht

Katie Compton at Cyclocross Worlds in Hoogerheide. © Thomas Van Bracht

On the off-season… I’ll do stuff to stay active but not really training. I’d like to do an enduro or two though! Maybe some track, possibly. But I don’t have any goals yet. My goal is to not get fat.

On changing her training… We’re looking at the schedule now to see what we want to do. I want to try to get sick or injured this summer so I can train. That’s my training plan, actually riding my bike. But I think I’m going to do less intensity this summer—it worked this year, less intensity over the summer and a little more throughout the ’cross season.

On not running in-line brake levers anymore… I don’t need them anymore. I had them set up, I went through a phase and got used to riding them. but when I got on the Treks, I started riding in the drops better and got used to it. I just like riding in the drops now!

On the new Trek Boone It is my most favorite bike ever. It’s so comfortable to ride, and so smooth. It just feels good, handles well, and is fun to ride.

On her new teammate, Sven Nys We just ride the same bikes, but I never see him. But it’s pretty cool that he likes a bike that I helped develop!

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