Compton leading the 2008 World Championships. © Joe Sales

Katie Compton is starting to ramp up her training with the mountain bike and cyclocross season in mind, and has planned out an aggressive schedule with her most ambitious goals yet.  The six-time national cyclocross champion (five elite, one espoir) is planning to race the fat tire circuit this summer, starting with the Bump n Grind U.S. Cup mountain bike race on May 31 in Alabama, and then defend her title at the Teva Mountain Games in Colorado. Later, she’ll return to the U.S. Mountain Bike National Championships in Solvista, Colorado, just an hour away from her Colorado Springs home. As the ‘cross season nears, she hopes to fine-tune her form with some international fat-tire competition by racing the two Canadian World Cup mountain bike races.

Once ‘cross season hits, Compton plans to attend every UCI World Cup in Europe and is aiming for the overall title and the World Championships.

Such an aggressive schedule requires quite a bit of equipment, and to make racing such a schedule possible, Compton is looking for a new bicycle sponsor. Compton has previously ridden Primus Mootry frames, but is now searching for a sponsor with more resources as she focuses for the first time on winning the World Cup title.

Compton’s husband, Mark Legg-Compton, told Cyclocross Magazine that such a schedule will only be possible “if we can find a bike sponsor to cover our needs.” In addition to providing high-profile exposure as one of the top women in cyclocross, the husband and wife pair hope to help a potential sponsor create world-beating products.  “In exchange for support, we will actively promote our sponsors and would love to help with product development,” Legg-Compton says.

Interested companies can reach Mark Legg-Compton via our cyclocross community site.