Sell the mag that practically sells itself, earn money for your racing.

Sell the mag that practically sells itself and earn money for your racing.

Cyclocross Magazine, along with the sponsors above, invests in the future of our sport and wants to help junior, U23 and collegiate cyclocross racers with our unique fundraising program that supports youth in cyclocross, helps raise funds for their teams and rewards them with tons of prizes from our generous sponsors. Think of it as girl scout cookies but way cooler and better for your health. If you are running, or are part of, a youth or collegiate cyclocross program, we’d welcome your participation. Contact details and application form below.

Objective: To help junior, U23, and collegiate teams raise money through a fast, simple, and fun program. We hope our fundraiser will help offset some of the cost of racing, equipment and travel and will encourage younger generations of racers to experience cyclocross.

Basics: Sell Cyclocross Magazine subscriptions (new and renewals) and keep a portion of each sale! Subscriptions will start with our first to mail after receiving the subscription and payment.

About Cyclocross Magazine:Cyclocross Magazine is a content-packed, informative, and entertaining print magazine. It’s vastly different than our website with much more in-depth content on riders, cycling technology, reviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at top races. Cyclocross Magazine is a quarterly magazine that offers three times the content of other magazines. All our issues are now FULL COLOR. For less than the cost of just one race entry fee, you get months of CX bliss (but, without any of the suffering)!

Cost of Subscriptions: $20 (17% off the cover price)

Payment Methods: Cash; or a check made out to “Cyclocross Magazine”

Timeframe: Teams need to sign up before February 1 to be entered to win merchandise. All subscription forms, cards, and money need to be mailed in to Cyclocross Magazine and received by April 1st. At the end of the fundraiser, we will send your team a check totaling the amount of money earned. Please send in ALL money collected.

How it works: There are several easy ways to sell subscriptions to the magazine.

1. Subscription Forms: Each member can individually sell subscriptions to the magazine by collecting the name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, and cash or check made out to “Cyclocross Magazine” of each consumer. Each team member will be provided with their own CXM Subscription Form that will be used to collect all the data needed to mail out subscriptions to their customers. For each subscription sold through this method, the team will receive $5 of the $20 subscription. At the end of the fundraiser, the team will send in the subscription forms and checks* in one envelope to Cyclocross Magazine at: Cyclocross Magazine 650 Castro St. Suite 120-291 Mountain View, CA 94041 * We prefer you not to send cash through the mail. Please send in one check totaling the amount of cash collected. Other checks collected through this method are fine to mail in.

2. Subscription Cards: Subscription cards are a very easy way to reach a large amount of people. Each subscription card will have either the team name or logo on it so when it is mailed to CX Magazine we have a way to keep track of how many subscriptions each team sells. Make sure you fill out your name under Team Member Name on flyer to get individual credit when subscriptions are mailed in. For each subscription card mailed in, the team will receive $3.50 of the $20 subscription. All you have to do is spread the word, pass out the cards, and the consumer mails in the subscription form and money directly to CXM. You can pass out subscription cards at races, bike shops, on cars at races, race bags, leave some on race registration tables, however you want to do it, etc.

3. Online Subscriptions: Each team will be given a code that consumers will fill out on CXM’s online subscription form. Post a link on your website, blog, twitter, Facebook about it. Make sure you give your team code so that your team gets credit for each subscription sold. Customers must enter the team code in the coupon code field during the checkout process for team credit. For subscriptions sold online, the team will receive $3.50 of the $20 subscription. Subscription web address:

Prizes/ Rewards:

Cyclocross' future is bright, thanks in part to Cyclocross Magazine and its sponsors

Cyclocross' future is bright, thanks in part to Cyclocross Magazine and its sponsors

1. Team Competition: The team that sells the most subscriptions, either on the subscription forms, online or through subscription cards, will be awarded at the end of the fundraiser with a full feature article in Cyclocross Magazine and select merchandise. Prizes include merchandise from all the above sponsors…more being added every week!

2. Individual Competition: The individual who sells the most subscriptions to CXM through the ‘Subscription Form’ and ‘Mail In’ methods will be rewarded at the end of the fundraiser! Prizes valued at $250 or more.

3. Random Drawing: Everyone will also have a chance to win prizes through a drawing at the end of the fundraiser. For every subscription sold through the ‘Subscription Form’ or ‘Mail In’, that individual will receive an entry to a drawing for merchandise from the above sponsors and of significant value. If you sell 10 subscriptions, you get 10 entries for the drawing. The more subscriptions you sell the better the chance you win!

Because of the difficulty of keeping track of individual subscription sales through online orders, we are only including sales through the ‘Subscription Forms’ and ‘Mail In’ orders (via flyer mail in form) in the drawing and individual contest. Please fill out your name under Team Member Name on flyer. We will tally up each individual’s sales through the mail in method and add it to your subscription form total. However, all methods of selling subscriptions will go towards the Team Contest.

Check back right here for individual and team rankings! Winners will be announced April 8th.

Ready to join? Need a code? Questions/ Comments/ Suggestions: Fill out our form below. If you have questions, please email Jo Markham at [email protected] or, call (901) 496-3124