The only American male racer, Jonathan Page, post-race. © Thomas van Bracht

The only American Elite Male at Valkerburg, Jonathan Page, post-race. © Thomas van Bracht

National Champion Jonathan Page may be sidelined, or at least not in fighting form, for a few weeks due to a broken rib. After seeing mention of an accident on his fan page, our European corespondent Christine Vardaros caught up with Page and ascertained that he did indeed break a rib higher up near his heart last Thursday during a training session.

Typically, racers tend to tough it out and race through the pain, but it was bad enough that he had to pull out of a race because it was affecting his breathing. He has raced before with broken ribs but the problem with this break was that it is just that little too high up. He is “bummed but optimistic for the next races as his fitness is solid,” according to Vardaros.

We wish him a speedy recovery. And for the Page fans: Make sure your subscription to Cyclocross Magazine is up to date, since he’ll be featured in the next issue!