A scene from a Jeremy Powers' Cyclocross Clinic. (File Photo)

A scene from a past Jeremy Powers' Cyclocross Clinic. (File Photo)

Professional cyclocross racer Jeremy Powers will lead and coach the Jeremy Powers Cyclocross Camp presented by Boulder Cycle Sport in Boulder, CO August 12-14th. “If you’re going to spend one weekend working on your cyclocross game, this is the one!” said Powers. “As a rider you’re going to get a lot from these 2 1⁄2 days. We’re going to have some of the most knowledgeable cyclocross coaches in the country all in one place to help teach the art of cyclocross technique and racing. Hope to see you in Boulder on August 12th!”

In addition to Jeremy Powers, FasCat Coaching’s Frank Overton has recruited three other cyclocross coaches for the camp. Long time cyclocross coach John Verheul, former coach to Powers, will be on hand as well along with Brandon Dwight the owner of Boulder Cycle Sport & two time 35+ Masters Nationals Champion. Additionally, cyclocross evangelist Gregg Keller of will be participating for extra “HUP.”

The primary goal of the camp is to teach attendees everything they need to know about cyclocross racing and to show them the correct skills to enjoy and succeed in the sport of cyclocross. From dismounts to carrying the bike and remounting there will be 4 half day skills clinics covering the most basic techniques to more advanced skills like bunny hopping barriers and riding sand pits. Dartfish video analysis will be used to film campers for video review afterwards to reinforce proper skills technique.

In addition to skills, there will be a bike setup & equipment workshop led by Brandon Dwight of Boulder Cycle Sports – one of the country leading cyclocross shops. Optional cyclocross bike fitting will be available thru John Verheul. Lastly, all campers will leave with a 12 week custom training plan designed by a FasCat coach.

“All the attendees will receive a wealth of information about cyclocross racing and be shown the proper techniques to make their racing more fun with better results. Having the personality of Jeremy Powers coaching the camp is going to add a level of fun and expertise that I’m very excited about,” said FasCat Coaching’s owner & head coach, Frank Overton.

“Having known Jeremy for over 10 years now, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have his experience, his perspective, and most of all his energy at this camp,” said John Verheul. “I thought we had a dialed camp last year, between the FasCat facility, Boulder Cycle Sport and Brandon Dwight, and Greg Keller, but bringing J-Pow in just puts it over the top. I’ve been coaching ’cross camps since 2001, and I’m confident this one will be the best ever!”

About FasCat Coaching: FasCat Coaching is a cycling coaching company helping cyclists improve their performance. Founded in 2002 by Frank Overton, FasCat is based on ten successful years of racing and training, sport science and frequent communication between the coach and the athlete. FasCat has a new Performance Cycling Center located Boulder, Colorado providing physiological testing, bike fitting, indoor cycling classes, and powermeter sales.

For more information, contact Frank Overton at 720.406.7444 or frank[at] or visit