Cyclocross Magazine mailing label is worth reading

Cyclocross Magazine's mailing label is worth reading

Issue 5 is starting to arrive already for a lucky few, and over the next few weeks will cross the country. While the wait for all of us is at times unbearable, please take 10 more seconds before ripping into it and devouring the magazine. We want you to check out your label.

Your label has a lot of info on it…but the most important part is the bold words after your subscriber ID (CXMxxxxMxx). You’ll see something like:

  • Exp: Issue 7
  • COMP (if you’re super lucky and haven’t yet joined the CXM movement

This should be self-explanatory, but we want to point it out because we’re not big into the direct mail, or the fall-out subscription cards. If we’ve got your email, we’ll bug you a few times to renew (using the email address you used with Google Checkout – so be sure to check that from time to time) , but if you mailed in a check, this is one of the few ways you’ll know if it’s time to re-up and renew.

See some variations below: