The Cat Eye Inou quickly mounts to either helmets or handlebars.

The Cat Eye Inou quickly mounts to either helmets or handlebars.

by Josh Liberles

Cateye is introducing its new Inou GPS-enabled camera this year, which allows users to shoot POV footage while they ride. The lightweight, 150g unit quickly straps to helmets or handlebars, and can be set to full video capture mode (at either 15 or 30 frames per second) or can take still photographs at a programmed interval of one, two, five or ten minutes during the ride. The images are at 640×480 resolution, and upload to online video hosting sites like YouTube is quick and seamless without the need for additional compression.

The unit doesn’t feature a screen, so you’re not able to play back and see the quality of your work – it’s just run, gun and check ’em out later. A micro-SD card handles storage, and the Inou can take up to a 32 GB card (a 1 GB comes with the unit, and that’s suitable for about an hour of video footage). Two AAA batteries handle power duty, which makes finding replacements or using readily-available rechargables a snap. Cateye advertises battery life as six and a half hours of GPS logging, six hours with GPS logging and automatic one-minute-interval photo recording or two and a half hours with GPS logging and video recording.

CXM contributor and Cateye marketing ninja Daimeon Shanks models the Cat Eye Inou GPS-enabled camera.

The Inou doesn’t record sound, so don’t count on it for shooting your next feature. But if you want to relive a ride, you can interact with your recorded GPS data on – and share it there as well.

The Inou isn’t HD like some of its competitors, but the 640×480 frame size is plenty for most applications, and more than enough for web use. It also has the ability to collect data from a wireless Cateye cycling computer signal, so you can add in things like heart rate and more accurate speed and cadence measurements to your photo and ride info package. At $249 retail, it’s a reasonable option for gathering cool data and attaching your photos and videos to enrich your ride stories – or memories. In the works for next year is a fancier unit with sound and HD capability.

We’ll be putting the Inou to the test for pre-ride scouting and for capturing in-race action and mayhem.

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