There's no doubt - Guru's Sidero steel bike is a looker! © Josh Liberles

There's no doubt - Guru's Sidero steel bike is a looker! © Josh Liberles

by Josh Liberles

The Montreal, Canada-based company Guru has made getting a custom bicycle relatively fast and easy. Go through a Guru dealer and take advantage of their new Dynamic Fit (DFU) system, or supply your numbers if you already know them. Pick your materials – right now, steel and titanium are available, but full custom carbon won’t be far behind – add any extra niceties such as BB30 / BB30 press fit, additional eyelets, S&S Couplers, special dropouts for singlespeeds or even belt drives, and your bike will ship from Guru’s factory within four weeks of your order.

The Praemio titanium frames are straight-gauge 3/2.5 tubes, and the steel Sidero offering is constructed from Columbus Spirit. Frame weights are estimated in the 1200-1300 gram range for both in medium sizes, and consumers can choose from several different Guru-branded forks. MSRP is just under $2,000 for the steel frame and fork, $4,000 for the Ti. And that gets you a made-in-Canada, truly custom ride. Further build options are available through Guru dealers and the Dreamcycle program, which passes along OEM pricing deals to customers.

The DFU system has just been released to dealers, and there are 10 currently in circulation in North America. Expert fitters start with a neutral position based upon measurements of the rider, and fine-tune from there. The apparatus can link to a Computrainer, assesses power, and can be programmed to move between pre-set positions while the rider pedals to see where the best position lies – pretty cool!

Look for a full review of Guru’s steel Sidero here soon – until then, here are some photos to hold you over.

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