One of our goals in starting this magazine is to help grow the sport we all love. To that end, we hope we can build awareness of ‘cross and interest people in trying it out or coming out to watch. So we wanna know about your first ‘cross kiss.

I’ve been a bike racer basically all my life, so my story is probably a bit different than most. Finding a way to try to ride two wheels really fast, regardless of the bike or surface, was always just natural. I never really did get the “really fast” part down, but anyway, I was always looking for new forms of bike racing, and cross was just one of many forms I tried. It just happened to be the one I liked the most. So that’s my story, but we are very curious of how you learned about the sport, and what got you hooked.

So share your stories, as it’ll help us not only provide you with a better magazine but also hopefully guide us in our efforts to keep ‘cross growing. And let us know if you’re cool with us using your story in our print mag too. A lucky few might even get a free subscription out of it!


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