In one of her recent Wyman Wednesday diaries, Helen Wyman wrote about how she feels there is still progress to be made in offering Junior women the chance to race against her age peers.

At Azencross in Loenhout on December 28, Wyman is helping make the Junior Women’s category in Europe a reality.

Wyman worked with the race organizers from Golazo Sports to get a separate Junior Women’s race on the DVV Trofee race schedule. The race will be open to women racing age 14 to 18 and will take place at 10 a.m. as the first race of the day in Loenhout.

The race will be called the “Helen100 Trophy.”

“I’m really pleased that Golazo were so receptive to taking this huge step for Junior Women’s racing,” said Wyman. “To allow Junior women the chance to race against each is huge progress for our sport. With a World Championships for Juniors next season, it’s more important than ever to have opportunities like these created and Golazo have recognised that with the inclusion of the Helen100 Trophy at this years Loenhout cyclocross.”

Equally important, sponsors of the Helen 100 program have put up funds for payouts equal to the Junior Men.

“Thanks to the women at ‘The 5thFloor’ we are able to fund a prize pot to the same level as the Junior boys receive at a UCI event,” said Wyman. “Although the Junior Women race is at a National level this season, it will be a first opportunity of its kind.  I encourage as many riders as possible to register and also fans to come along early and show their support for this new and exciting event.  We will have some special prizes for the riders on the podium with more news on that to follow.”

Other prizes for the Junior Women will be provided by Feedback Sports, Kogel and Challenge.

For more information, visit the race website:

About the Helen100

Helen Wyman launched the #Helen100 [more information here] to raise money to pay for the entries for 100 women under the age of 23 to race at the 2019 UK Cyclocross National Championships.

Thanks to contributions from The 5th Floor, the application process is open for more young women to race at British Nats. More information on how to apply is available at