NOS Michelin Mud Cyclocross Tire

A rare NOS Michelin Mud Cyclocross Tire on eBay

The stock market has rebounded a bit and the weather is warmer. Does that mean after a disappointing auction of a used pair of skinwall Michelin Mud tires a few weeks ago, there’s a stronger market for a NOS green Michelin Mud cyclocross tire? We found another one on eBay, ending Tuesday, April 7 2009 at 2:41 p.m. PST.

The seller says, “Originally this tire sold for $55 but not here so I’ll to do it for uh… we’ll say $25.” But there’s no BIN price, and it’s sitting at $30 right now. Will we see the $115 price of the tire bubble from last year? We’ll know in 24 hours.