If one day of gravel is a great time, two days must be near perfection, right?

That is the thought behind North Carolina’s Love Valley Roubaix held on Saturday and Sunday last weekend. In its seventh year, the 2019 Love Valley race took a century and sliced it up into two halves on two different days.

“The original thought was to expand the event from 48 miles into a 100-miler. We created a figure 8 loop that included the original course which is now split into the two days,” race director Wes Davidson of Statesville’s First Flight Bicycles said.”

He continued, “The joke last year was to double the chances of getting good weather in just one of the days since we have had quite a few years of cold and wet riding and two days just made sense.”

One of the best parts of gravel cycling is it allows folks to see beautiful places and hidden gems they otherwise would not get to experience by bike. The Love Valley Roubaix is no different.

Both days of racing start and finish in the throwback historic western town of Love Valley, located at the foot of the Brushy Mountains in Northwest North Carolina. No cars allowed, of course.

No cars allowed in Love Valley. 2019 Love Valley Roubaix Gravel Race, North Carolina. © Love Valley Roubaix

No cars allowed in Love Valley. 2019 Love Valley Roubaix Gravel Race, North Carolina. © Love Valley Roubaix

The race website describes the town: “Love Valley is an authentic western town. It has a dirt road downtown with hitching rails for horses and a dirt road downtown that includes a general store, hardware store, blacksmith shop, saloon and few other businesses.”

“We’re grateful for the town’s continued support where the venue itself is a fun place to throw a party,” Davidson said. “There is ample camping available in the area so overall cost to participate in the full weekend’s events is easy on the wallet. Beyond what is on the website, well, what happens in the little western-themed town of Love Valley…”

Prizes are, of course, theme appropriate.

“We play on the western theme and create our own awards,” Davidson said. “This year featured awards made from our new fiber laser to etch metal plates we created. Yep, it’s a frickin’ laser.”

Prizes kept the western theme and were etched with frickin' lasers. 2019 Love Valley Roubaix Gravel Race, North Carolina. © Love Valley Roubaix

Prizes kept the western theme and were etched with frickin’ lasers. 2019 Love Valley Roubaix Gravel Race, North Carolina. © Love Valley Roubaix

The race started in 2013, with gravel rides turning into a gravel race.

“I have been riding the gravel roads in Love Valley since 2008 and started taking friends and customers up to ride with me. My friend Cameron Fraser loved it and decided that there should be a race so he started the Love Valley Roubaix,” Davidson said.

The two routes each checked it at around 50 miles. The Saturday route had 3,500 feet of climbing over more rolling hills, and Sunday’s packed 5,000-plus feet of climbing in, mostly via two climbs up and over the nearby mountains.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this year’s races was the weather. After a cold, wet year in 2018, this year’s conditions were just the worst.

“The weather was terrible this year with a lot of sunshine and temps starting in the 40s and ending in the high 60s,” Davidson said. “Historically it is cold, wet, and like last year, plenty of sleet and snow.”

The Races

With two days of racing and an omnium, there are plenty of results to go through. There were age group and singlespeed categories for both the women and men, but we will report the overall finishers here.

Carla Williams took the Day 1 Women’s win, with Allison Arensman finishing second and Sarah Griffith third.

Cynthia Frazier won Day 2, and Emily Werner and Kelly Paduch took second and third.

Arensman won the omnium for her two-day consistency. Sandy Marshall finished second and Savannah Sill third.

Allison Arensman won the Women's two-day omnium. 2019 Love Valley Roubaix Gravel Race, North Carolina. © Love Valley Roubaix

Allison Arensman won the Women’s two-day omnium. 2019 Love Valley Roubaix Gravel Race, North Carolina. © Love Valley Roubaix

For the Men, the Day 1 overall went to Alan Starnes. Benjamin Renkema took second and Patrick Raines third.

Day 2 went to Michael Bissette, with Kerry Werner finishing second and Renkema third.

The omnium title went to Werner, and Renkema and Raines rounded out the two-day podium.

Kerry Werner won the Men's two-day omnium. 2019 Love Valley Roubaix Gravel Race, North Carolina. © Love Valley Roubaix

Kerry Werner won the Men’s two-day omnium. 2019 Love Valley Roubaix Gravel Race, North Carolina. © Love Valley Roubaix

Full results for both days and the omnium are below.

The Love Valley Roubaix will return next year from March 20 through the 22nd. Due to popular demand, there may be a Friday race added to the omnium. Also, inspired by Sunday’s winner, a shot of Fireball may also be required pre-race nutrition for all non-Junior podium hopefuls.

For more gravel race goodness, see our growing archive of 2019 gravel race coverage.

Women's Day 1 Results: 2019 Love Valley Roubaix

OverallLastFirstCategoryCategory PlaceTime
1WilliamsCarlaFemale 40-12:34:17
2ArensmanAllisonFemale 40-22:43:39
3GriffithSarahFemale 40+13:02:15
4SillSavannahFemale 40-33:14:44
5MarshallSandyFemale 40+23:16:13
6ThreatteKeishaFemale 40-43:20:00
7GrantRachaelFemale 40+33:26:56
8SharpAddeFemale 40-53:46:33
9ReynoldsDianeFemale 40+43:54:48
10McGibbonAnnFemale 40+53:58:50
11CantrellCayceFemale 40+65:13:58
FrazierCynthiaFemale 40-DNF
WernerEmilyFemale 40-DNF
MoloneySarahFemale 40-DNF
HaynesKristenFemale 40-DNF
LedesmaBeccaFemale 40-DNF
SumnerAnnFemale 40+DNF

Women's Day 2 Results: 2019 Love Valley Roubaix

OverallLastFirstCategoryCategory PlaceTime
1FrazierCynthiaFemale 40-13:03:11
2WernerEmilyFemale 40-23:09:11
3PaduchKellyFemale 40-33:09:41
4ArensmanAllisonFemale 40-43:09:56
5HaynesKristenFemale 40-53:38:22
6MarshallSandyFemale 40+13:42:39
7SillSavannahFemale 40-63:55:08
8BlakelyChristyFemale 40+23:59:35
9ReynoldsDianeFemale 40+34:05:55
MoloneySarahFemale 40-DNF
ThreatteKeishaFemale 40-DNF

Women's Omnium Results: 2019 Love Valley Roubaix


Men's Day 1 Results: 2019 Love Valley Roubaix

OverallLastFirstCategoryCategory PlaceTime
1StarnesAlanMale 30-3912:23:43
2RenkemaBenjaminMale 30-3922:23:44
3RainesPatrickMale 50+12:23:48
4LabelleTylerMale 30-3932:23:58
5Van KempenJulesJuniors All12:24:00
6WernerKerryMale 18-2912:24:03
7MathersMichaelMale 40-4912:24:07
8PotterMichaelMale 18-2922:24:13
9BakerAndrewMale 30-3942:24:13
10CowieTristanMale 30-3952:24:13
11ChampionMattMale 30-3962:24:18
12MichaelsScottMale 30-3972:24:18
13FenderTravisMale 30-3982:24:40
14HuegelCharkieMale 30-3992:25:27
15PhillipsCodyMale 18-2932:25:42
16ClementsMatthewMale 18-2942:27:23
17KnettelBrandonMale 30-39102:33:22
18WartskiMarkMale 50+22:34:13
19ReynoldsThomasMale 30-39112:34:23
20JohnsonDanMale 40-4922:35:46
21WallacePeterMale 18-2952:35:49
22SteinerDavidMale 40-4932:39:56
23MillerRandyMale 50+32:40:34
24GroatShaunMale 40-4942:42:41
25StutzmanFredMale 40-4952:43:36
26ProvatoChrisMale 40-4962:43:40
27OlsonMarkMale 40-4972:43:41
28StaufferBruceMale 50+42:45:55
29StantonRodMale 40-4982:46:15
30GuellaChrisMale 50+52:46:16
31AllenJohnMale 60+12:46:22
32ReadyChrisMale 50+62:46:47
33HooperJasonMale 30-39122:46:52
34RuscoeMarkMale 60+22:46:54
35JohnstonSpencerMale 18-2962:48:57
36RyanAlexMale 30-39132:48:57
37MartinJamesMale 60+32:49:32
38threattejoshuaMale 30-39142:49:36
39HalseyJasonMale 40-4992:51:19
40McfeeleyPatrickMale 50+72:52:06
41CowellAlexanderMale 50+82:52:09
42PriceJamesMale 50+92:52:17
43RudisillShawnMale 40-49102:52:20
44FogartieDougMale 30-39152:53:19
45MeadJamesMale 50+102:54:42
46FabishBreckMale 50+112:55:00
47WilliamsJamesMale 50+122:55:52
48BrownJeffSingle Speed12:57:17
49DucharmeChipMale 50+132:58:16
50RogersGregMale 50+142:58:36
51ReitzelNeilMale 50+152:58:44
52ProppeJohnMale 30-39162:58:56
53FayBobMale 50+162:59:11
54BakerPorterMale 18-2972:59:33
55BroomJohnMale 40-49113:00:06
56NunnaleyJeffMale 40-49123:01:06
57PikeDennisMale 40-49133:04:33
58GillisChuckMale 60+43:05:37
59WhitewayStuartMale 50+173:05:46
60HurtCraigMale 50+183:05:51
61BrilesMichaelMale 18-2983:07:45
62GutierrezGarciaRaulMale 40-49143:07:45
63CoxDanielSingle Speed23:07:56
64KillianRallyMale 30-39173:09:04
65AlionDanMale 50+193:10:30
66LerchBrandonMale 40-49153:10:36
67GoldbergNeilMale 50+203:11:48
68SmileyJasonMale 40-49163:13:48
69JohnsonBradleyMale 30-39183:14:45
70wyattjayMale 30-39193:16:09
71DeatonMarkMale 40-49173:16:12
72ThompsonCraigMale 40-49183:16:14
73SlusserRichardMale 50+213:16:26
74LemanAdamMale 30-39203:19:12
75LambertJohnMale 30-39213:23:16
76HendersonMarshallMale 60+53:24:53
77ClarkeDavidMale 50+223:25:58
78RimronPatrickMale 50+233:25:59
79MobleyRobertMale 50+243:26:59
80ReinerJeffMale 40-49193:30:08
81BatesonDerekMale 60+63:31:56
82CraneAustinMale 30-39223:31:57
83ButtarZahidMale 50+253:32:07
84StaceyJarredMale 18-2993:33:20
85RheaultRobertMale 50+263:34:21
86RobinsonTylerMale 40-49203:37:13
87MedlinJamesMale 50+273:37:45
88VansusterenPeterMale 18-29103:46:33
89PegramSMale 50+283:48:47
90SchumanErikMale 40-49213:48:58
91MontoyaKelleySingle Speed33:49:59
92IsraelSantiagoMale 18-29113:50:00
93HamiltonJordanMale 30-39234:10:11
94PorvaznikMichaelMale 30-39244:18:18
95BrooksStanMale 60+74:47:40
96StegallGaryMale 60+84:47:41
97CanadyTimothyMale 50+295:13:57
AmalongJohn PaulJuniors AllDNF
GonzalezAndresMale 18-29DNF
CutlerNicholasMale 30-39DNF
TuckerDustinMale 30-39DNF
PipicMirzaMale 30-39DNF
SumnerWilliamMale 40-49DNF
SchmidtTodMale 40-49DNF
SmithRonMale 40-49DNF
NallsJeffMale 50+DNF
MerrimanJimMale 50+DNF
SiemensJimMale 50+DNF
TroppoliDanMale 50+DNF
LeeEricMale 50+DNF
FedorkaChuckMale 50+DNF
LechleidnerKeithMale 50+DNF
DunsmoreMarkMale 60+DNF
FullerDavidMale 60+DNF

Men's Day 2 Results: 2019 Love Valley Roubaix

OverallLastFirstCategoryCategory PlaceTime
1BissetteMichaelMale 18-2912:26:23
2WernerKerryMale 18-2922:27:48
3RenkemaBenjaminMale 30-3912:32:03
4ClancyDevinMale 30-3922:32:06
5RainesPatrickMale 50+12:34:24
6PorterLeviMale 30-3932:35:10
7BakerAndrewMale 30-3942:36:15
8PearlJamesMale 30-3952:38:44
9RaynesJustinMale 30-3962:38:55
10MichaelsScottMale 30-3972:39:05
11LabelleTylerMale 30-3982:40:32
12PennypackerJohnMale 40-4912:41:34
13RyanAlexMale 30-3992:41:53
14WisthoffMatthewMale 30-39102:42:34
15PotterMichaelMale 18-2932:44:52
16HerringSeanMale 18-2942:46:11
17Van KempenJulesJuniors All12:46:15
18YewerBradMale 40-4922:46:17
19SeymoureJayMale 30-39112:48:30
20MunozJuanMale 40-4932:49:46
21MossCameronMale 18-2952:51:07
22LiborioJustinMale 40-4942:51:18
23PfeifferWillMale 18-2962:51:25
24MarshClintonMale 40-4952:51:38
25MeadJamesMale 50+22:54:18
26DavisWheelerMale 18-2972:54:41
27ShanelyAndyMale 50+32:56:59
28LaxtonJasonMale 40-4962:58:35
29ReynoldsThomasMale 30-39123:00:18
30RimronPatrickMale 50+43:00:25
31WeigelFredMale 40-4973:02:58
32JordanMarkMale 50+53:03:22
33RobinsonScottMale 40-4983:04:27
34DavisToddMale 50+63:04:57
35StaufferBruceMale 50+73:06:33
36PorterEdwardMale 30-39133:07:56
37KouryJohnMale 40-4993:10:50
38CanonMacMale 60+13:10:53
39FullerDarrenMale 50+83:10:54
40KirkmanRichardMale 40-49103:11:00
41SheehanGregMale 50+93:12:39
42BoydShaunMale 50+103:13:24
43ProvatoChrisMale 40-49113:14:47
44SchreierAlecJuniors All23:20:03
45SchreierGarettMale 40-49123:20:04
46threattejoshuaMale 30-39143:22:50
47OlsonMarkMale 40-49133:25:07
48McCauleyRoyMale 40-49143:25:30
49WilliamsJamesMale 50+113:26:50
50HooperJasonMale 30-39153:27:15
51NunnaleyJeffMale 40-49153:27:42
52MartinGaryMale 50+123:27:57
53GibbsDoyleMale 50+133:29:39
54ColeRobertMale 50+143:31:28
55IsenbergKeithMale 40-49163:32:10
56MossAustinMale 18-2983:32:13
57GibbonsKevinMale 30-39163:33:45
58ScruggsKevinMale 50+153:35:03
59BooneTurnerMale 40-49173:37:24
60WallacePeterMale 18-2993:38:22
61LerchBrandonMale 40-49183:38:35
62BrownShawMale 40-49193:39:06
63BrownBruceMale 60+23:39:12
64PfeifferWilliamMale 60+33:40:24
65DeatonMarkMale 40-49203:42:41
66BoyerJeffMale 60+43:46:01
67FisherBrettMale 40-49213:46:52
68BeriniRobertMale 40-49223:49:19
69VandettaDavidMale 50+163:52:38
70DavantJoeMale 50+173:55:17
71CrossJosephMale 40-49233:55:24
72BrooksBenjaminMale 18-29103:57:04
73ButtarZahidMale 50+184:05:20
74RosalesAlbertMale 30-39174:08:58
75HendersonMarshallMale 60+54:13:25
CrockettDarrellMale 40-49DNF
FosterLelandMale 18-29DNF
SandyRyanMale 18-29DNF
JohnstonSpencerMale 18-29DNF
AmalongJohn PaulJuniors AllDNF
StoutAndrewMale 30-39DNF
TerryZachMale 30-39DNF
OspinaJuanMale 30-39DNF
BaresCurtisMale 30-39DNF
CutlerNicholasMale 30-39DNF
GladoraChrisMale 30-39DNF
TuckerDustinMale 30-39DNF
ReinerJeffMale 40-49DNF
GlasDietrichMale 40-49DNF
CantBartMale 40-49DNF
NallsJeffMale 50+DNF
JesterDavidMale 50+DNF
CiavattaDominicMale 50+DNF
WheelerDaveMale 50+DNF
ReavisLeeMale 50+DNF
EllingtonRoryMale 50+DNF
OdellArtMale 50+DNF
BerryMichaelMale 60+DNF
LuddekeCharlesMale 60+DNF

Men's Omnium Results: 2019 Love Valley Roubaix

8Van KempenJules5:10:15