Keep Gloucester running strong © Todd Prekaski

Keep Gloucester running strong © Todd Prekaski

Whether you’re a New England native, a devotee of the New England Holy Week of Cyclocross, or simply a lover of all things cyclocross, you know just how important the Gran Prix of Gloucester (“New England Worlds”) is to cyclocross in the US. And after 14 years, thanks to an inflammatory editorial in the local paper post-race about the destruction to the park (the race pays to fix it up afterward), the race may not happen next year. But there are simple ways that you can help keep the race going!

From the promoter, Paul Boudreau:
We just completed our 14th edition of the Gran Prix of Gloucester. For whatever reason (coincidentally the same year the local paper writes a couple of articles against having the race), residents now appear to have have issues with the condition of the park.
We are talking a multi-prong approach with the city:
1 – showing support of the event (I’ll have letters of support with me at City meetings, copies of press coverage)
2- we’re working with Bentley University Data Analytics Research Team on calculating our economic impact on the region
3 – getting support of local inns, B&Bs, restaurants, and other businesses
4 – educating the public on our plans to restore the park (every year we hire a Gloucester-based landscaping company for repairs)

After 14 years of racing in Gloucester, we’re now in a position where voices of support are important. If you are so inclined, a letter of support is greatly appreciated. The “To whom it may concern” saluatation is appropriate as I would use these letters at various meetings with the City that are upcoming. Please also include your city and state in the letter.

My next meeting is November 7th, but supporting documentation needs to be sent to the clerk by the 31st of October.

Please send your letter to:
Paul Boudreau
Essex County Velo
PO Box 5534
Beverly Farms, MA 01915