Zipp OVCX Opens Season with FishStiCX

Louisville, Kentucky — “Opening Day” is magic. Whether it’s the start of baseball, cyclocross or even fishing season, “opening day” for grownups is like Christmas morning for a six-year-old. This year’s opening day for this year’s Zipp OVCX Cyclocross Tour is September 18 in Louisville, when middle-America’s most popular cyclocross series will likely be overrun by “fish heads”. Dubbed the “FishStiCX Cross,” the September 18 races take place at Louisville’s gorgeous and challenging Fisherman’s Park.

“Fish Heads” may be an appropriate moniker for cyclocross racers. For those too young to remember, “Fish Heads” was an underground hit song in the 1980’s, when today’s Master’s riders were much younger. It was horrible, in a hypnotic, psychotically catchy way (click here to listen). “Fish Heads” was frequently showcased by syndicated radio show host Dr. Demento, so immediately there is a cyclocross connection. Let’s be honest, anything that was made famous by a guy named Dr. Demento probably has its place in cyclocross.

With the UCI Masters World Championships culminating the season in Louisville, it seemed appropriate not only to also start the season in Louisville (albeit in a different park), but also celebrate the cultural heritage of this generation of Masters. They have only themselves to blame that “Fish Heads” stands out among the cultural accomplishments of their generation.

Cyclocross fish heads may fall for the sport line and sinker, but they won’t be caught by ‘the hook’ this season. Thanks to modern chip scoring at every race, no lapped rider will be pulled from any Zipp OVCX Tour event in 2011, unless they are likely to interfere with the lead riders on the final lap. It’s all part of the Tour’s efforts to provide the best racing experience for racers of all categories. Similarly, Zipp OVCX rules do not allow its races to charge convenience fees or surcharges for online registration. Competitors entering any Zipp OVCX Tour events through BikeReg this season will pay only the face value of the entry fee, with the race promoters absorbing the service fees.

Following the season-opening FishStiCX Cross in Louisville on September 18, the Zipp OVCX Tour heads to the world headquarters of title sponsor Zipp Speed Weaponry with the Indy CX Cup double-header weekend featuring the in Indianapolis on September 24 and 25. From there, the Tour heads to the Dayton Ohio, where the Midwest’s biggest cyclocross series headlines the “Gearfest” outdoor sport festival on October 1 followed the following day by one of the Tour’s truly classic events, the Buckingham Financial Cyclocross Classic. Advanced online registration through is recommended for entry to all races and will save money over the higher walk-up entry fees on race day.

With five races, in three states, in the span of three weeks, the pretenders and wannabe’s will be making excuses faster than they can clip-in after a barrier dismount. Heads are gonna’ roll — “fish heads” rolling through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Final Note:

With football already underway and Midwest cyclocross racers preparing for opening day at Louisville’s FishStiCX Cross, here’s one final thought (which might “smack” a little of inter-regional rivalry and cause a big stink): Fish Heads are tougher than Cheese Heads. Cheese is soft and squishy and melts when it gets too hot. Fish, though, have backbones — and can handle being both fried and frozen. Let the craziness and good times that is cyclocross begin!