According to this site, it’s been almost 800 days since we joined Twitter, well before our first print issue, and admittedly much to our surprise, the little service has actually grown a bit since then. Now it’s an easy way to keep abreast of all things cyclocross via our feed: We haven’t really advertised our feed much but nearly 3,000 of you have found it. Follow us if you’re the tweeting type.

But now all of a sudden, ‘cross fans are discovering and subscribing to our FriendFeed. We’re not sure what’s started the late growth, but our FriendFeed is a convenient way to stay in tune with our ‘cross news as well as recent activity in our online Cowbell cyclocross community. So have at it. Our FriendFeed username?  Cyclocross of course. Subscribe here:

We promise to not fill either feed with talk of Tom Selleck’s mustache or He-Man.

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