With the U.S. World Cups now over, European cyclocross is now underway.

Historically, Cyclocross Magazine has provided coverage of several European series. The three series we will be covering this year are the Telenet UCI World Cup, Telenet Superprestige and DVV / IJsboerke Trofee. Given it has attracted many of the top stars, we will likely also be posting results from races in the Brico Cross series.

There are other European series that we typically do not cover, including the Coupe de France, EKZ Tour in Switzerland and the Toi Toi Cup in the Czech Republic.

In the past we have gotten some questions about how the different series work. With the Telenet Superprestige kicking off on Sunday, we wanted to post the schedules and do a brief run-down of each.

Below is a look at the World Cup, DVV/IJsboerke, Superprestige and Brico Cross series, including how to watch. If you have better info on how to watch the races, definitely chime in in the comments.

Telenet UCI World Cup

The granddaddy of the cyclocross series is the Telenet UCI World Cup. Here in the U.S., we are well acquainted with the World Cup thanks to the work Brook Watts, John Meehan and Trek have done bringing World Cups to our shores.

Races: 9 total, 6 different countries

Scoring: Points-based. The winner of each race is awarded 80 points and go up to 50 deep. The overall series winner is the rider with the highest cumulative total.

This year, separate races are held for the U23 Men and Junior Men. U23 Women race with the Elite field. Titles are awarded for each of the three. The Junior Women’s category will be added in 2020/21.

2017/18 Winners: Women: Sanne Cant, Men: Mathieu van der Poel

How to Watch: NBC holds the rights to World Cups in the U.S. The NBC Gold package is available for $50 and includes coverage of events through June 10, 2019.

The UCI did not geo-restrict its stream of the Jingle Cross World Cup in the U.S., but we would not be surprised if the usual geo-restrictions apply starting with the Bern World Cup.

2018 Telenet UCI World Cup Schedule

DateDayLocation Country
Sept. 23SundayWaterloo, WisconsinUSA
Sept. 29SaturdayIowa City, IowaUSA
Oct. 21SundayBernSwitzerland
Nov. 17SaturdayTaborCzech Republic
Nov. 25SundayKoksijdeBelgium
Dec. 23SundayNamurBelgium
Dec. 26WednesdayHeusden-ZolderBelgium
Jan. 20SundayPont ChateauFrance
Jan. 27SundayHoogerheideNetherlands

DVV / IJsboerke Trofee

One of the two Belgian series we cover is the DVV / IJsboerke Trofee. DVV Verzekeringen is an insurance company that sponsors the Men’s series, and IJsboerke is an ice cream company that sponsors the Women’s. As Katie Compton found out in 2017/18, winning the series brings an impressive amount of ice cream as a reward.

The series was known as the BPost Bank Trofee from 2012 to 2016. The series identifies the races by their names, rather than their locations, as the World Cup and Superprestige series do. The set of races got a bit of a shakeup with Ronse and Hamme heading to the Brico Cross Series. Soudal Jamarktcross and the new Brussel Universities race step into their place.

Races: 8 total, all in Belgium

Scoring: Time-based. The rider with the lowest time after the eight races wins the series. If a rider misses a race—as Katie Compton likely will to race Nationals—they are given a time 5 minutes slower than the winner. There is also an intermediate sprint 1.5 laps into each race for a time bonus.

2017/18 Winners: Women: Katie Compton, Men: Mathieu van der Poel

How to Watch: Trek will stream each race at; FloBikes will also stream each race, $30/month, $150/year; Reportedly the Global Cycling Network will have streams via its Facebook page.

2018 DVV Verzeeringen / IJsboerke Trofee Schedule

DateDayRaceLocation Country
Nov. 1ThursdayKoppenburgcrossOudenaardeBelgium
Nov. 10SaturdaySoudal JamarktcrossNielBelgium
Nov. 18SundayFlandriencrossHammeBelgium
Dec. 15SaturdaySoudal ScheldecrossAntwerpenBelgium
Dec. 28FridayAzencrossLoenhoutBelgium
Jan. 1TuesdayGP Sven NysBaalBelgium
Jan. 6SundayBrussels Universities CXBrusselBelgium
Feb. 9SaturdayKrawatencrossLilleBelgium

Telenet Superprestige

The second (primarily) Belgian series we cover is the Telenet Superprestige. The Superprestige started in 1982/83, so there is a lot of history behind the set of races that includes the famed De Kuil of Zonhoven and the Diegem night race.

Races: 8 total, 7 in Belgium, 1 in the Netherlands

Scoring: Points-based. Winners of each race get 15 points, and points go 15 deep. This year, the U23 Women and Men will race with the Elites but be scored separately.

2017/18 Winners: Women: Sanne Cant, Men: Mathieu van der Poel

How to Watch: FloBikes, Global Cycling Network Facebook page?

2018 Telenet Superprestige Schedule

DateDayLocation Country
Oct. 14SundayGietenNetherlands
Oct. 20SaturdayBoomBelgium
Oct. 28SundayRuddervoordeBelgium
Nov. 11SundayGavereBelgium
Dec. 16SundayZonhovenBelgium
Dec. 30SundayDiegemBelgium
Feb. 10SundayHoogstratenBelgium
Feb. 16SaturdayMiddelkerkeBelgium

Brico Cross

The Brico Cross series consists of eight races, but it does not give out an overall prize. The series sponsor Brico is a Belgian hardware chain.

This year features two new races after the events in Ronse and Essen defected from the DVV/IJsboerke Trofee series.

We typically do not write reports for Brico Cross races, but because they have been attracting many of the big names, we will often post results.

Races: 8 total, 7 in Belgium, 1 in the Netherlands

Scoring: None.

2017/18 Winners: N/A

How to Watch: FloBikes, GCN Facebook page?

2018 Brico Cross Schedule

Sept. 16SundayGeraardsbergenBelgium
Oct. 6SaturdayMeulebekeBelgium
Oct. 7SundayRonseBelgium
Oct. 13SaturdayLokerenBelgium
Dec. 8SaturdayEssenBelgium
Dec. 29SaturdayBredeneBelgium
Feb. 6WednesdayMaldegemBelgium
Feb. 17SundayHulstNetherlands

2018 CXM Race Coverage Schedule

Sept. 23SundayWaterloo, WisconsinUSAWorld Cup
Sept. 29SaturdayIowa City, IowaUSAWorld Cup
Oct. 14SundayGietenBelgiumSuperprestige
Oct. 20SaturdayBoomBelgiumSuperprestige
Oct. 21SundayBernSwitzerlandWorld Cup
Oct. 28SundayRuddervoordeBelgiumSuperprestige
Nov. 1ThursdayKoppenbergcrossBelgiumDVV/IJsboerke
Nov. 10SaturdaySoudal JamarktcrossBelgiumDVV/IJsboerke
Nov. 11SundayGavereBelgiumSuperprestige
Nov. 17SaturdayTaborCzech RepublicWorld Cup
Nov. 18SundayFlandriencrossBelgiumDVV/IJsboerke
Nov. 25SundayKoksijdeBelgiumWorld Cup
Dec. 9SundayVlaamse DruivencrossBelgiumNon-Series
Dec. 15SaturdaySoudal ScheldecrossBelgiumDVV/IJsboerke
Dec. 16SundayZonhovenBelgiumSuperprestige
Dec. 23SundayNamurBelgiumWorld Cup
Dec. 26WednesdayHeusden-ZolderBelgiumWorld Cup
Dec. 28FridayAzencrossBelgiumDVV/IJsboerke
Dec. 30SundayDiegemBelgiumSuperprestige
Jan. 1TuesdayGP Sven NysBelgiumDVV/IJsboerke
Jan. 6SundayBrussels Universities CXBelgiumDVV/IJsboerke
Jan. 20SundayPont ChateauFranceWorld Cup
Jan. 27SundayHoogerheideNetherlandsWorld Cup
Feb. 9SaturdayKrawatencrossBelgiumDVV/IJsboerke
Feb. 10SundayHoogstratenBelgiumSuperprestige
Feb. 16SaturdayMiddelkerkeBelgiumSuperprestige
Feb. 24SundayInternationale Sluitingsprijs OostmalleBelgiumNon-Series