Today’s Shoe Week bonus: although not a cyclocross shoe review per se, we bring to you a quick write-up of a product that could both increase your shoes’ lifespan and make for happier, drier feet. Read up on the Dry Guy Widebody below. Missed our previous reviews? See our features from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.

by Josh Liberles

Maybe you got caught in the rain on a training ride without shoe covers, just slogged through a wet and muddy cyclocross race and/or are generating enough sweat to get your riding slippers more-than-moist from within. Sure, the old tried-and-true method of shoving balled up newspaper into your shoes will suck out a surprising amount of water in a pinch, but the Dry Guy Widebody boot and glove dryer is a cyclocrosser’s dream.

The DryGuy portable shoe dryer can give you dry shoes for a second day of racing.

The Dryguy portable shoe dryer can give you dry shoes for a second day of racing.

Designed for a variety of sports, the four air-blowing nozzles are big enough to simultaneously dry two pair of ski boots – there’s more than enough room for your bike shoes, gloves, cap, and maybe a jersey draped over the top. The Dryguy quietly operates in a room temperature forced-air mode or with gentle 99° heat – perfect for a little pre-ride toe warmup and cool enough that it won’t damage your pricey kicks. Set the timer for up to three hours (60 to 90 minutes seems to do the trick for wet cycling shoes) and come back to dry garments.

We’re no strangers to the wet in my adopted northwest home and I now find myself more inclined to thoroughly clean my shoes after nasty rides and place them straight on the Dryguy. ‘Cross shoes that don’t stink may be a pipe-dream, certainly in my case, but drying them out semi-regularly definitely makes a dent in their olfactory offense. The airing action helps with odor, prevents mildew and will help to increase footwear’s longevity.

The Dryguy is great for your multi-day events or for pre-warming your ‘cross shoes just before heading out the door to train. The unit is small enough to include in your gear bag for weekend race trips and has become a staple in my equipment arsenal.

Dryguy Wide Body MSRP $89.95.  Update: The Wide Body has been replaced by the DryGuy Force DX.