Katie Compton overcame a difficult first lap to claw up to second place © Cathy Fegan-Kim

Katie Compton overcame a difficult first lap to claw up to second place © Cathy Fegan-Kim was on the ground at Worlds doing interviews that few media outlets would dare to do: interviewing Marianne Vos in a Christopher Walken voice, sending a 13 year old to talk to not only Jonathan Page and Katie Compton, but Sven Nys, and asking the most important question: how much of Van der Haar’s ride at Worlds was due to the awesome amount of “Go Van Der Haarder” t-shirts out at the race? While we did plenty of serious post-race interviews, we loved the irreverent, fresh take that they brought to the mix. Dirtwire shared some of their videos with us, and we couldn’t resist posting a few of our favorites.

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Jonathan Page was having a wicked awesome ride and then…

Katie Compton with Ryan The Intern

Sven Nys with Ryan The Intern “Um, so, how was your bike race, World Champ?”

Marianne Vos talks with “Christopher Walken” at the Louisville Foam Party 2013

Richard Fries ‘Gave US a landmark position in the history of this sport.’

Lars Van Der Haar ‘How much of a factor were the Go Van Der Haarder shirts?’


Tim Johnson ‘Absolutely F—ing amazing.’


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