While many of us are still in the moment, racing and enjoying the season at hand, there are some folks already looking ahead to next year. As proof that a promoter’s job is never done, they already have a deadline to meet for next season. Promoters looking to hold a UCI race next season have to start getting their paperwork in order as the first deadline of the 2011/2012 season is at hand, coming before many promoters have even finished with this year’s paperwork.

From the USA Cycling website:

USA Cycling is now accepting completed event inscription forms for the 2011/2012 UCI cyclo-cross season. The deadline to submit the required information to USA Cycling is December 5, 2010.

Click here to download the UCI Inscription Form

Technical guidebook requirements

A technical guidebook is recommended for all events on the UCI calendar. Technical guidebooks are required for all new events submitting for UCI status. The technical guidebook must be submitted at the same time as the UCI event inscription form. Click here for technical guidebook requirements.

Financial obligations

Event Inscription Fee: These are billed to the organizers directly by UCI. Organizers are to wire transfer payment directly to UCI, per the financial obligations. The inscription fees have been increased for the 2011/2012 season.

Prize Money: The prize money is paid per the UCI financial obligations guidelines for the category level. Race information on event websites, technical guidebooks, and race flyers are to publish the UCI prize purse payout according to 2011/2012 UCI CX financial obligations.  Organizers may opt to pay-out more than the minimum UCI prize money requirements.

Outstanding 2010/2011 UCI CX Inscription Invoices: Please make sure your 2010/2011 UCI event inscription invoice has been paid before the December 15, 2010 deadline. Please make sure to document your wire transfer payment to UCI — the amount paid, date, and invoice number.


Juniors: If offering a Junior Male class, organizers must offer a separate race time for Junior Males only (17-18 years old) and with a separate prize purse. Please do not check this box if you do not intend to run a separate Junior Male race per the UCI requirements.

U23: If offering a U23 Male class, organizers must offer a separate race time for U23 Males only (19-22 years old) and with a separate prize purse. Please do not check this box if you do not intend to run a separate U23 Male race per the UCI requirements.

Series designation

Per the UCI Rulebook (1.2.026), a series requiring UCI inscription must apply for series status. The UCI official series recognition also requires a UCI technical delegate to be present at the events.

If organizers would like to apply for UCI series status, please send USA Cycling the following by the UCI inscription deadline:

A. Name of series
B. Series website with rules and information about the series
C. Main contact name and information
D. Dates and locations of event in the series
E. Category level being submitted for each event in the series

Race/calendar evaluations

Races submitting a UCI inscription for the 2011/2012 CX season will be considered based on the following:

A. Event date from previous year
B. Category level of event
C. Date and location of event
D. Officials evaluation based on 2009/2010 comparison spreadsheet of events, along with the officials reports from 2010/2011 season. For those of you who attended the 2010 April CX Promoter Summit, this is the evaluation Shawn Farrell, USAC Technical Director, has been organizing and developing with the officials for the past couple of seasons.
E. Cancellations or date changes from 2010/2011 season
F. Higher consideration will be given to races offering a Junior UCI class at their event

Please note: The USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships have been moved to January 4-8, 2012. So that leaves open some weekends in December.

Please email the completed inscription form(s), technical guidebook(s), and/or UCI series status request to Kelli Lusk, National Events Director, at [email protected].