The Vermont Overland is only two years old, but judging by its attraction to cyclocross pros and amateurs alike, it might me considered the preseason ride for the Pro CX Calendar. While there are several more gravel races slotted for the rest of the year, such as the Appalachian Classic Gravel Race (called La Classique des Appalaches in Quebec), it is clear that for the most part, gravel is waning as it gives way to cyclocross racing.

The Gravel Cyclist has spent some time with Cyclocross Magazine this year, including giving his history of the sport in the United States in Issue 29, (for the full article, pick up your back copy today, mailed first class, or get a digital version for quicker gratification. Read it here.)

A Florida-based rider, the Gravel Cyclist made the hike up the East Coast all the way to Vermont to test his legs on the Overland with cyclocross greats such as Tim Johnson and road racer Ted King. From the fast-paced start to the grueling climbs, he captured all the action, shown in the video above.

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