In a seemingly annual tradition, or at least one that comes around each Olympic year, a petition has been launched on to add cyclocross to the Winter Olympics.

2010 Cyclocross World Championships, Tabor, Czech Republic. © Joe Sales / Cyclocross Magazine

File photo of Tabor. Could this be the scene in a future Winer Olympics? © Joe Sales

When we spoke with UCI President Brian Cookson (featured in print Issue 27) he indicated that there was some talk of sports that are traditionally held in fall and winter months being in the Winter Olympics, which would make cyclocross in the Winter Olympics a no brainer. Still, others feel that adding ‘cross to the Summer Olympics makes sense as the other cycling disciplines are held then. Until now, cyclocross racers who wanted to go for the gold have had to take aim at other cycling disciplines. A successful petition could, maybe, see our sport added to the Olympics.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about cyclocross being part of the Winter Olympics, with the possibility the race could be run similar to the biathlon.

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