Cyclocross Magazine is a print and digital outlet for the cyclocross community by the cyclocross community. Since our first black and white issue was published in 2007, we’ve worked to cover all aspects of the sport through equipment reviews, rider profiles, race news, and general lifestyle content. We currently have tens of thousands of loyal print and digital magazine readers, over a hundred thousand website and social media visitors (on a good week, over 1.1 million!), and are the only media company that comprehensively focuses on the ever-growing sport of cyclocross. Our website alone generates more than a million page views per month during peak season, and each online story goes out to our 69,000 Facebook fans, 30,000 Twitter followers and 29,000 Instagram followers (these numbers are likely already out of date, see our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages).

Our content is meant to inform and expand the cyclocross community, and there is tremendous value in the audience that we reach and costs involved with the work that goes into producing and publishing content. To move closer towards a more financially-sustainable operation, our guidelines for handling and publishing submitted press releases are as follows:

Cyclocross Magazine accepts release submissions from any group with an interest in cyclocross and cycling in general. Releases covering local races, cycling events, projects and products are all accepted. If there’s some sort of news that you think should go out to the cyclocross community, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Submitted press releases may be published as-is in a specified press release section on our home page or used by Cyclocross Magazine staff as a source for editorial content. Once a release is submitted to us, Cyclocross Magazine reserves the right to manage content as we see fit for publication.

To submit a release for consideration, email to news [at] with your press release, preferably with words and photos separately, not together in a PDF.

To help our publication process run more efficiently please make sure to proof and edit submissions appropriately. This helps us to better process submissions and ensures that release information is accurate.

Press Release Publication

We receive a number of press releases for consideration for publishing both in print and online. As such, Cyclocross Magazine staff has the final say on what is and is not used for publication. If you have a preference for where and when you would like your release published, please specify in your submission.

While it might be stating the obvious, Cyclocross Magazine is not a PR agency. Although we can guarantee a large audience, we are not in the business of publishing and distributing any submitted press releases free of charge, and many firms charge thousands of dollars for such services. Companies should not assume submitted press releases will be published even if in the past we’ve published them completely free of charge.

Race reports are always welcome, likely to published, and never have a publishing fee.

Product announcements, race announcements (including registration and new sponsors), and team announcements are published at our discretion.

To organize submissions, we sort them into a general and prioritized queue for use at Cyclocross Magazine. Submissions put into our prioritized queue, as the name suggests, are much more likely to be published and used by Cyclocross Magazine for content and publication. Releases make it onto our prioritized queue by new, non-partner parties paying a production and publishing fee at the time of submission.

Prioritized Submission Rates:

Fees for press releases being put onto our prioritized queue are determined by the content of the release. Our rates are as follows:

  • $100 for local race and team press releases
  • $200 for UCI or national event releases or professional team news
  • $300 for product-related releases, including videos, photos

To initiate a payment for priority press release services consideration, see this page.

Cyclocross Magazine regularly finds and reports race results in its publication. As such, releases covering race reports and results are always freely accepted. We never charge for product reviews, and never will.

If we find that a press release put into our prioritized queue does not meet our publication goals, the release’s submitting party will be notified and a refund will be processed.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us for more information by emailing news /at/