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Getting up at 5 a.m.? Looking for parking, waiting in lines, and pushing and shoving in the heat of competition? Even though that may sound pretty similar to a ‘cross race, spending your day fighting other shoppers at the mall for the holeshot is the last thing most ‘crossers enjoy.

So don’t do it. Spend a few minutes to buy your buddies, friends and kids some cyclocross gifts through our brand new online store, and then go for a ride instead knowing your shopping is already done.

What Black Friday? It’s a lot brighter when you’re on your bike.

Note: Orders are fulfilled by the highly capable (and judging by their prices, fairly compensated) staff at Cafe Press, so our grubby hands won’t mess up a thing. They’ll arrive by Christmas, guaranteed, and if you act now, you can hook up your racing buddies before the season’s over. So head on over.