MADISON, WISCONSIN – If you’re in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the next few months, add a stop to your trip, because on of Cyclocross Magazine’s contributing photographers will be showing his art at an exhibition at the National Art Museum of Sport. The artistry of endurance sports is featured in a series of fine art photographs by Madison, Wisconsin photographer and Focal Flame Photography owner Clint Thayer. The photo essay has been selected for exhibition by the National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS) in Indianapolis. The exhibit, entitled Speed and Motion: Racing to the Finish Line, will run at NAMOS from May 23, 2012 through September. You might know Thayer’s work from our latest issue of Cyclocross Magazine, showcasing some of his images from the National Championships, and you can find some of his work in our Nationals online coverage.

Of the show, Thayer describer his images as “highlighting the artistry of endurance sports, including triathlon, cycling, cyclocross and swimming. Racing is primal and intense, and I wanted to depict the fear, trepidation, anxiety, tension, and resolution that many endurance athletes experience during a race.”

In describing Thayer’s unique approach and perspective, museum director Varner said, “His work ‘Driving Rain’ was selected for exhibition during a juried 2011 competition. There was tremendous reaction to ‘Driving Rain’ – just about everyone who saw it stopped in their tracks.” Varner continued, “I like his photography immensely. I feel he is within the top three sport art photographers I have seen  While Clint Thayer has the technical capacity for conventional sports photographic technique, I think what sets him apart is that his style really crosses the boundary into true sport art. His work is so different; it captures the emotion and intensity of sport. They’re some of the most dynamic images I’ve seen.“

“I think that the power of motion in fine art photography is that it can be a bridge between representational images and abstractions,” said Thayer. “I use motion like I use light: to help frame and sculpt the visual narrative that’s in front of me.”

Photographer Tom McInvaille, a past special assignment photographer for the United States Olympic Team, said, “Clint Thayer’s sport photography gives a fresh approach to an overly clichéd and highly predictable genre. Clint gives us a glimpse into the larger world of an athletes life.”