So we’ve heard from many of you that you’re interested in bike technology, especially new equipment and what the pro’s are using, but also what’s affordable and useful for the average rider. So we combed Interbike looking for all things ‘cross, and have an in-depth report coming in our print magazine. But here’s just a sampling of what we saw at the big show.

Overall Trends:
For many companies, ‘cross is not just a one-model market. Many companies including Kona, Bianchi, Jamis, Ridley, and Redline were displaying a handful of models. Jamis was displaying four models, one for every budget:


Redline showed off five models, including their new Team:


SRAM Everywhere:
Many new models showcased SRAM’s road groups, especially the Rival group. This Bianchi Cross Concept is one such model:


New Models:
Salsa knows a lot of us see a lot of mud, and like steel frames, and don’t race UCI races. So they unveiled a new steel La Cruz model, DISC-ONLY!


The Cliff Bar team does race UCI races, and instead will be on the Chilli Con Crosso:


Surly hopes to meet the needs of the ‘cross vegabond with their new S&S coupled cross-check:


Brakes are a major component of interest to ‘crossers. We saw lots of new brakes from the manufacturers, but we know you’re not always looking for the newest stuff. What are folks really using?

Katie Compton is using TRP’s new aluminum Euro-X cantilever brakes (see our upcoming review in our premier issue). They come in aluminum (shown), carbon, and a new magnesium model soon to be launched. All are very light, with the aluminum weighing 122 grams not including the straddle cable and hanger.


But TRP’s carbon cantilever launched last year is still quite popular, as shown on this Specialized race bike:


The Giant boys (Decker and Craig) say they like to stop at will, and rely on older XTR v-brakes with Travel Agents.


Team Maxxis uses Paul’s cantis to stop their Raze-treaded wheels.


Good brakes are no good without decent traction. Without good tires, you’ll never get up to speed and skid out when applying the brakes. We saw 20+ cross tires at the show. Here are a few:

Schwalbe has a Racing Ralph tubular:


Gully showed off Hutchinson’s new tubeless-ready cross tires, which are targeted at 400 grams. This one is the Piranha.


Kenda has an impressive selection of cross tires for this season, including the Small Block Eight and the Kommando:


Challenge is focused on the US scene, with two tubular models and various widths:


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