Kathy Savary of Blue Steel Cyclery and Christian Heule of SwissStop celebrate their 2013 wins in the Wheelers & Dealers Race. ©

Kathy Savary of Blue Steel Cyclery and Christian Heule of SwissStop celebrate their 2013 wins in the Wheelers & Dealers Race. ©

The race for bragging rights among the bicycle industry held annually at Clif Bar CrossVegas opens registration soon. Online registration for the Wheelers & Dealers Race presented by Road Bike Action Magazine begins on Tuesday August 5th at 12 Noon ET. The race takes place Wednesday September 10 after the first day of Interbike.

For those of you out there thinking about testing the Vegas water for the first time this year, check out our photo gallery of the 2013 Clif Bar CrossVegas races.

The return of Sven Nys to Clif Bar CrossVegas is not the only good news for spectators and participants alike. For the women’s category big changes are coming thanks to the support of Liv, a new cycling brand dedicated to women, revamped from the Liv/Giant branding. The women’s Wheelers & Dealers field will have a separate start and will race solely against each other, and they will get a full podium presentation featuring the top-3 finishers. Previously the genders competed as a mixed group. Liv global product marketing specialist Amanda Schaper was a key driver of that change. “We wanted to highlight women competitors in the industry and convinced CrossVegas to change the format to reflect that,” said Schaper.

Race Director Brook Watts commented “Liv is committed to getting more women on bikes, and that will bring more women into cross, I support that wholeheartedly.”

Liv is encouraging its retailers to get involved with a $15 registration discount for the women’s category. Special activities and gifts are planned for all women competitors.

Schaper added, “By separating the women’s category, we’re not only bringing special attention to the female racers in the industry, but we’re also making it less intimidating for more women to participate in CrossVegas. This is one of my favorite races of the season, and I’m excited to see the women’s field grow now that we’ll have a featured race. I expect that this year we’ll see the biggest women’s category in the history of Wheelers & Dealers—which means it will be that much more fun for everybody!”

The 4-lap race Wheelers & Dealers race is held on the famous CrossVegas course at Desert Breeze Soccer Complex preceding the Elite Women and Elite Men’s races. Start time is 7:00 pm allowing Interbike attendees ample time to wrap up business then get to the race to cheer or heckle associates.  Shuttles from The Mandalay Bay are free with your show badge courtesy of Interbike. Food and drinks are available at the race.

Registration for the Wheelers & Dealers will be online at

Qualification and race info is available at