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Detailed reviews of clincher, tubular, and tubeless wheels for cyclocross

Alchemist's made-in-Italy tubeless carbon disc CX wheels. © Cyclocross Magazine
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Product Spotlight: Alchemist CX Zirconium Disc Tubeless Cyclocross Wheels

Italian-based and built Alchemist​ wheels are coming to North America through Velosport Imports​, and are preparing to unleash the full carbon CX Zirconium Disc. With symmetric front and rear carbon rims, and a carbon and Zirconium alloy hub, the CX Zirconium Disc is one of the lightest tubeless wheelsets we’ve weighed directly.

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Williams Cyclocross Wheelset © Cyclocross Magazine
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Cyclocross Wheel Review: Williams Cyclocross Tubular Wheelset Review

Williams has brought to market a cyclocross specific tubular wheel set that is a strong performer yet durable enough for even the most aggressive Clydesdale. The wheels are built with stout 14 straight gauge spokes: 2-cross lacing on the front and 3-cross on the rear. The semi-aero, aluminum rim is robust, benefiting from a simple tubular cross section. The rims are completed with a brilliant white paint scheme, and their `cross-specific pedigree is emphasized by bold decals.

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The Perfect Cyclocross Wheel © Cyclocross Magazine
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The Perfect Cyclocross Wheel – Tests and Reviews

It’s a popular belief that if you can upgrade only one part on your bike, it should be your wheels. There are a lot of good reasons behind this, as wheels have a profound impact on predictable handling, braking, acceleration and even coasting. In cyclocross use, we’d argue that most of these variables are exaggerated when compared to road cycling and that upgrading to a new set of wheels for cyclocross is even more justified.

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