Katerina Nash had plenty of time to celebrate. © Cathy Fegan-Kim, Cyclocross Magazine

Katerina Nash had plenty of time to celebrate. © Cathy Fegan-Kim, Cyclocross Magazine

We were extremely happy to see Katerina Nash make her way to Providence, and watching her dominate the women’s race just underlined the fact that while she may be planning to dial back her pro MTB career, her ’cross prowess is only getting better. We caught up with her after the race to talk tactics, new women in the field, and where she’s going next.

On the race… It was good. We had a good start, had the main group there. Watching the people I thought would be up there, and they were. We rode together for quite some time, but then I got a gap. it’s a really fast course, it’s hard to get away, so once you have a little gap, I had to go. So I put in a couple of good efforts, tried to ride smooth, actually had a little crash. But I’d built enough of a gap to maintain it.

On the competition… Elle [Anderson]’s been killing it the last couple weeks! You have to give her a lot of respect. She was very strong, working really hard out there. And Katie [Compton], you never underestimate Katie.

On “new blood” in the front of the race… It’s always nice to have new people coming out, some of us are getting older… It’s exciting.

On New England… I was psyched to be back in racing in New England. And just racing true ’cross!

On her Little Bellas clinic yesterday… It was cool. We had about 30 women, which is a huge number. It’s some amazing numbers and it really shows that cyclocross is on a lot of people’s radar and is a really fun sport.

On her season… Not planning Europe. Just racing domestically here. I hope to do some of the Bay Area races. Still sort of putting it together though. Probably be back here for Cincinnati and a bunch of other races.

Watch the full interview here:

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