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Castelli Cycling’s CW.6.0 Gloves

Castelli Cycling is no stranger to cyclocross-specific gear. The ‘Cross SanRemo Speedsuit is well-known and used by the likes of Cannonade p/b and countless regional squads. The CW.6.0 Cross Glove is another solid discipline-specific piece from Castelli that really grabs some racers.

The CW.6.0’s textured palm really stands out. Whether drenched in sweat during a late-summer skill session, or saturated with rain in a late-season race, the perforated Clarino palm with its silicone pattern gives an air of confidence riding technical sections and when portaging the bike, offering a confident, controlled hold.

The silicone patterned palm provides added grip on the CW.6.0. © Cyclocross Magazine

The silicone patterned palm provides added grip on the CW.6.0. © Cyclocross Magazine

The CW.6.0 features minimalist padding, which isn’t for everyone. There’s only one small, thin pad the outside of the palm’s heel. The rest of the glove offers no padding. This really lets riders feel the bars. To those who like it, it’s as close to riding without gloves as one can get.

The CW.6.0 also offers some reinforcement for known trouble spots with some gloves. It has a gusset sewn onto the crook of the hand between the thumb and index finger. And the top of the hand is protected by a light but very sturdy embossed neoprene back, an area that can brush up against course stakes, trees and the like.

Despite being a full-finger glove, Castelli’s CW.6.0 isn’t particularly warm. But it’s not meant to be a truly cold weather piece as Castelli suggests a usage temperature range of 46º to 64º Fahrenheit. Aside from perforated palm, the fingers are ventilated as well, and the glove overall is light with closure duties performed by a small Velcro closure across the inside of the short cuff.

Of course the CW.6.0 comes in Cannondale p/b green.Photo courtesy of Castelli Cycling

Of course the CW.6.0 comes in Cannondale p/b green. Photo courtesy of Castelli Cycling

After two seasons of racing week-in, week-out there has been some loose stitching at the glove’s cuff. A minor issue easily remedied with thread and needle or at the local tailors. Depending on the course, the minimalist padding may not be welcome. But for those that find themselves on manicured tracks—or with limited hand sensitivity to rough terrain—the CW.6.0 is great.

Stock color options are a red, grey or green accents on a primarily black glove, with Castelli’s well-known red scorpion logo in key spots, including the palm for posting up at the finish line. The CW.6.0 comes in small through xxl unisex sizing.

And, new for this year, the CW.6.0 is now being offered as a custom piece through Castelli’s Servizio Course custom house. Minimums on custom designs are 24 pair and cost $30 to $40 depending on quantity ordered. So if the CW.6.0 is right for all of your squad’s riders, they can really look the part of pro racer with a glove in team livery.

Castelli’s CW.6.0 glove is a good choice for training rides, a go-to glove for race day and may well make it into some riders’ spring MTB ride rotation.

$49, USD.

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