BTB TV heads to altitude this weekend, breathing in the rarified air of the Colorado Cross Classic and the Boulder Cup, each taking place in Boulder, Colorado. This is the first weekend that takes riders up over a mile into the sky, and the key to this weekend will be everyone’s ability to deal with Boulder’s thin air. This will give a significant advantage to riders who live and train in Colorado year-round; riders like Katie Compton and Todd Wells. This weekends races take place on drastically different courses – the Colorado Cross Classic takes place at the scenic Boulder Reservoir, while the Boulder Cup calls the Valmont Bike Park home, the location for this year’s US National Championships. Sunday’s race will give a sneak peak into what racing this January may look like, but don’t hold your breath for a repeat performance from anyone, as the weather will surely change in the intervening months. Who will emerge victorious from this weekend’s high altitude action? Stay tuned to BTB TV to find out!