The weekend is finally here. It’s time for the USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships coming to you straight from the Valmont Bike Park in Boulder Colorado. The course is up, the riders are in town, the spectators are beginning to arrive, and it’s time to crown the 2014 US National Cyclocross Champion. Last year, it was Jonathan Page. The year before, it was Jeremy Powers. Before that, Todd Wells. All of that fades into the background, as one race will decide who wears the Stars and Stripes for the 2014-2015 cyclocross season. Everyone is back in their standard kits, everyone is back on a level playing field. All that’s left is to race the race of your life, and with a little luck, grab a spot in the record books. While the National Championships need little introduction, Weekend Preview is here to tell you what to look out for for this week’s National Championships!