While many U.S. fans and racers throughout the world had their eye on Fayetteville for the upcoming UCI World Cup and World Championships, if the events are held, they will be without promoter Brook Watts at the helm.

Arkansas recently passed a law banning gender-affirming medical treatments. The law put the events in the spotlight, and had media, including us, reaching out to Watts for his thoughts.

Watts broke the news today:

“It is with the greatest disappointment that I share with the cyclo-cross community today that I will no longer be participating as the organizer of the 2022 Cyclo-cross World Championships.”

View Watt’s full statement here:

Several times in the last month we reached out to Watts for an interview, but given the ongoing events, he was preoccupied with the current events and possible boycotts.

The announcement continues the U.S.’ string of adversity holding UCI Cyclocross World Championships, after sponsorship and then flood issues threatened the Louisville Worlds in 2013.

As you might imagine, there were reactions.

“The situation in Arkansas remains problematic and unfortunately, I don’t see any satisfactory resolution. I have sincerely but unsuccessfully attempted to work out my concerns and differences with constituents. However, regrettably, we were not successful”.

“I will not be making any further statements and I ask the public, as well as my friends and associates, to respect my privacy during this troubling period.”

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