Enter the raffle for these Michelin Mud tires and help send Bjorn Fox to Worlds! © Steve Litvin

Would you pay $5 for a chance to win a pair of the original coveted green Michelin Mud tires? Such tires have commanded a whopping Dugast-like $115 for just one tire on eBay, and petition-like pleas to bring the tire back to production.  What if the funds raised were going to support sending one of the United States’ best junior cyclocross racers to the 2011 Cyclocross World Championships?

Bjorn Fox, Clif Bar Development Cross Team member and 2010 National Championship 17-18 silver medalist, has earned a place on the USA World Championship team but still has to cover significant travel costs to reach Sankt Wendel, Germany. As part of the long standing tradition of the cyclocross community looking after their own, Cyclocross Magazine and have partnered to support Bjorn’s travel to the World Championships.

Bjorn Fox, Clif Bar Development Team

For the raffle, Cyclcross Magazine’s superfan Steve Litvin has dug into his secret stash and come up with a set of green Michelin Mud tires, used but in primo condition, and has waived all their processing fees; so 100 percent of each entry, only $5, goes to support Bjorn’s travel.  The raffle opens Sunday, Jan. 23rd to coincide with the final World Cup round in Hoogerheide and will run through 8 p.m. EST on Friday, Jan. 28th.  We will pick the winner on Jan. 29th, the same day that Bjorn and the rest of the US junior team take on the world’s best. has Teamed up With CX Magazine to Help Send Bjorn Fox to Worlds has Teamed up with CX Magazine to Help Send Bjorn Fox to Worlds

Check out the Green Michelin Mud tires here.

You can sign up to win the Green Michelin Cyclocross Mud Raffle Here. Enter as many times as you like!

Steve Litvin, Cyclocross Magazine,, The Clif Bar Development Cross Team and Bjorn all thank you for supporting the development of our junior racers.  Good luck!