Everyone is going to be running crocheted fenders next year. © Elise Jones

Everyone is going to be running crocheted fenders next year. © Elise Jones

We’ve all, those of us not in Europe or lucky to live in warmer climates that embrace late season cyclocross, have saldy come to the realization that yet another season has gone by.  But Cyclocross Magazine’s coverage doesn’t end just because Nationals are over.  In order to help fill the time between Euro race reports, to help you fill the long hours of the off-season (no, not the trainer!) and since we don’t want to see you resort to road racing, we’re presenting an interesting, cross-inspired way to wile away the hours. Why not pick up the needles and improve your brake-finger dexterity?  Or knit together the ultimate frame protector?  Need to train for power, you should feel the resistance you can develop by running this beast through a couple of puddles.  With the techniques and materials used to craft this unique bike, everyone will be running crocheted chain guides next year. This could provide the edge you, or your competitors, need next season.  Don’t be left behind already.

by Elise Jones

Bend, Oregon was really excited to be hosting Cyclocross Nationals this year and next, and we’re celebrating in all sorts of ways. Music, film, art and just plain party events. The excitement has transcended bicycle racing and emerged in new ways as ‘cross racers from all over find creative inspiration in the mud of the race courses.

Bombing Yarn Over Bend (BYOB) is a group of six tightly knit, but loosely wound, local knitters. Our goal is to bring color and coziness to inanimate objects. BYOB has been meeting in secret for several months now, knitting pieces of fabric to completely cover a vintage cruiser bike named the “Lantern Rouge.” The Lantern Rouge has been created with an eye towards celebrating Cross Nationals in Bend. We love bikes. We love yarn. What better way to celebrate this great event than to combine the two!

Some may think it’s art. Others may think it’s insanity. We think it’s just plain fun!
[editor’s note: Are they talking about the knitting or ‘cross racing?]

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