Behind THE Barriers is off to Boulder, Colorado, to follow Jeremy Powers on his visit to the Colorado Cross Classic and the Boulder Cup. The Boulder Cup is of particular importance, as it’s most of the American professional cyclocross circuit’s only chance to preview the course for January’s US National Championships. Jeremy’s not wasting any time getting straight into the racing, and despite dropping a chain early in the Colorado Cross Classic, he fights his way back to an impressive second place finish. After a night of Mario Kart, standing toe-to-toe with mechanic Tom Hopper, it’s off to the Valmont Bike Park for the Boulder Cup. Things go more according to plan for Jeremy, with no mechanical issues standing between him and a narrow win over Ben Berden and Todd Wells. After the racing settles down, it’s off to the chiropractor to get an adjustment, Skratch Labs to learn more about body heat management – with some unexpected and uncomfortable situations included, and Ace Ping Pong Lounge in Denver to match up against one of cycling’s most influential personalities!