Behind THE Barriers heads to Hendersonville, North Carolina, for the North Carolina Grand Prix, the penultimate weekend on the USA Cycling Pro Cyclo-cross Calendar. This week, we’re embedded with Jeremy Powers, who holds the slimmest of leads in the Pro CX overall heading into a surprisingly difficult weekend. Buckets of rain were waiting for Jeremy and the Rapha-Focus crew in North Carolina, and Jeremy had to tackle the first legitimately muddy races of the season. For the first time in his storied career, Jeremy manages to emerge on top in a true mudder, which is cause for celebration when the gang heads back to Greenville, South Carolina’s, famed Hotel Domestique. Luckily for everyone, the sun comes out on Sunday, but it’s more of the same, as Jeremy and the rest of the field in Hendersonville have to put up with peanut butter mud and another difficult day in the saddle. Join us this week in North Carolina as we raise a glass…of moonshine.