Behind THE Barriers returns to the Czech Republic for the season’s first World Cup, this time in the town of Tábor. Jeremy has made performing at the World Cup level as one of his main season goals, and he arrives in the Czech Republic with some of the best form of his life. Before he can get down to business, the team’s first task is to pick up some essentials that will make staying in the Czech Republic just like being at home. Of course, those essentials include a rice cooker, water boiler and a panini press! After that, it’s time to discuss training plans for the week with teammate Gabby Day, who’s none too impressed with Jeremy’s training outline. The night before, Jeremy and company are out on the town in Tábor, where they run across a group of rowdy Belgians in town for the race, and things go just about as expected when one comes across a group of rowdy Belgians. Finally, it’s race time, and after some great performances by the team, including a fourth place finish by Zach McDonald in the U23 race, it’s time for Jeremy to get down to business. Jeremy does just that, by racing to seventh place, a best ever finish for an elite man at a World Cup event! All in all, Rapha-Focus’ first weekend in the Czech Republic is a big success and it sets the stage for another classic episode of Behind THE Barriers.