Sally Annis ( p/b JRA Cycles) takes the victory © Pedal Power Photography

Sally Annis ( p/b JRA Cycles) takes the victory

by Matt Fox and Jeffrey Bramhall

A picture perfect New England fall day greeted riders for Round 3 of the Verge New England Cyclo-cross Series Presented by Cycle-Smart. A stark contrast from last year’s mud and rain, competitors were greeted by crisp autumn air and a technical course suited to riders with better handling skills and sharp accelerations. New Gloucester, Maine’s Pineland farms proved an idyllic setting for some top notch cyclocross racing. Dylan McNicholas (Pedros) and Sally Annis ( p/b JRA Cycles) both found their ways to the top steps of the podium at Downeast Cyclocross on this sunny Saturday.

Racers were greeted with dry conditions and a course that dished out plenty of twists and turns that would challenge racers constantly. The serpentine course dished out plenty of technical racing, and the smooth grass kept speeds high and gave them little room for rest.

In the Elite Women’s race, the battle between the p/b JRA Cycles team and Ladies First Racing continued. The race wasted no time getting up to speed, and teammates Sally Annis and Sara Bresnick-Zocchi took to the front of the race early on and kept away through the end. Annis picked up her second series win by dropping her teammate on the last lap as the two had built an insurmountable gap over Crystal Anthony (Ladies First Racing). Anthony was able to get within 10 seconds of the leaders following a bad start and crash, but that was it. Behind Anthony in fourth was series leader Andrea Smith (Ladies First Racing), whose finish was just good enough to keep her in the leader’s jersey.

In the Elite men’s race, a strong group of riders formed early.

Dylan McNicholas (Pedro’s) leads © Pedal Power Photography

Dylan McNicholas (Pedro’s) leads © Pedal Power Photography

Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart) took charge along with Dylan McNicholas (Pedro’s), Nick Keough (Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross), Josh Dillon (Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix), Christian Favata (Favata’s Tablerock Tours And Bikes) and Guillaume Nelessen (Van Dessel Factory Team), who all pushed the pace in the early laps that would see multiple crashes and mechanicals. The tight technical corners and high speeds caused more than a few pile ups as things spread out. McNicholas eventually would set the pace with Myerson and Keough hanging on, but his attacks, a fading Keough and Myerson’s slow tire leak would eventually separate him from the early chasers. McNicholas was able to dictate the pace and eventually pushed Keough to the brink. Once Keough was off his wheel, McNicholas continued on, eventually stretching his lead to nearly 20 seconds. McNicholas came across the line for his first UCI victory.

Justin Lindine (’s Garage-Scott), who has been dominant force in the New England series, was a victim of one of the early pile ups and found himself racing from behind early on. Through sheer determination, he was able to navigate through the field and bring himself into the lead chase group, and he immediately shot to the front. Lindine’s high pace came at the cost of technique, and he was forced to put a foot down several times. These small bobbles added up and Lindine, despite racing faster than almost the whole field for much of the race, was never able to get closer than 10 seconds to the leader and he came across the line second. Third place went to Christian Favata, who was able to ride a high pace and steer clear of the mechanical issues that plagued many of the rest of the top racers. Behind Favata was Josh Dillon (Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix), who had to come through the pit three times in the race. Peter Bradshaw (Embrocation Cycling Journal) had the best UCI result of his career with fifth place.

In developments that were shocking to few, the Masters 35+ men’s race was dominated by 2009 35+ national champion Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo), and 2010 champions in their respective age groups and teammates at Corner Cycles, Jonny Bold and Kevin Hines. Aspholm was able to break away from the group midway through the race and held on for the victory. Hines outsprinted Bold and Rob Hult (Gear Works-Spin Arts) for second.

Racing will resume at Pineland Farms again on Sunday morning for the fourth round of the Verge New England Cyclo-Cross Series presented by Cycle-Smart. The course layout is said to be changing and there’s only slightly cooler weather forecast. Stay tuned for updates from tomorrow’s action.

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Full Results:


Place U23 Bib Time First Name Last Name Team
1   15 0:53:16 Dylan MCNICHOLAS PEDROS
2   16 0:53:25 Justin LINDINE / Joe’s Garage / Scott
3   8 0:53:31 Christian FAVATA Favata’s Tablerock Tours and Bikes
5   24 0:54:20 Peter BRADSHAW Embrocation Cycling Journal
6   26 0:54:30 Guillaume NELESSEN Van Dessel Factory Team
7   25 0:54:30 Adam MYERSON Cycle-Smart
8 1 11 0:54:30 Nicholas KEOUGH Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
9   36 0:54:52 Daniel CHABANOV / CBRC
10   5 0:55:01 Shawn MILNE Seaside Cycles/Antero Resources
11   29 0:55:16 Shaun ADAMSON Cycle-Smart
12 2 10 0:55:31 Jesse KEOUGH Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
13   37 0:55:35 John Peterson
14   7 0:55:55 Colin REUTER p/b JRA Cycles
15   21 0:56:10 David WILCOX PEDROS
16   32 0:56:22 Greg WHITNEY B2C2 p/b Boloco
17   3 0:56:29 Michael JENKS Highland Park Hermes p/b Kim’s Bike Shop
18 3 19 0:56:29 Jean-Philippe THIBAULT-ROBERGE
19   4 0:56:42 Colin H. MURPHY Embrocation Cycling Journal
20   28 0:56:42 Evan HUFF
21 4 31 0:56:42 Collin HUSTON Moots
22   27 0:56:42 Ryan KELLY p/b JRA Cycles
23   30 0:57:15 John BURNS
24 5 22 0:57:15 Joshua LEHMANN PEDROS
25   33 0:57:15 Pascal BUSSIERES Team Spirit/Cannondale pb Rhus Elementi
26   38 0:57:15 Stephen Pierce Cambridge Bicycle
27   12 0:57:42 Peter RUBIJONO Embrocation Cycling Journal
28   20 0:57:59 Adam SULLIVAN Wheelhouse / NCC
29   2 0:58:55 Matthew FOX Sunnyside Sports
30   1 0:59:33 Joshua FRIEDMAN NYC Velo
31   13 0:59:43 Tom GOSSELIN FRANK Bikes
32   23 1:00:14 Pierre VANDEN BORRE Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy
33   18 1 lap R. Michael MCKITTRICK Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames
34   6 1 lap Rodrigo MORAES Edgartown Bicycles
35   34 2 lap Michael WISSELL B2C2
dnf   14 dnf John HANSON Silver Bull/Central Wheel


Place Bib Time First Name Last Name Team
1 104 0:38:30 Sally ANNIS p/b JRA Cycles
2 118 0:38:41 Sara BRESNICK-ZOCCHI
3 110 0:39:11 Crystal ANTHONY LadiesFirst Racing
4 106 0:39:18 Andrea SMITH LadiesFirst Racing
5 109 0:39:45 Christina TAMILIO LadiesFirst Racing
6 108 0:39:48 Anna BARENSFELD LadiesFirst Racing
7 102 0:39:55 Rebecca BLATT silverbull centralwheel
8 112 0:40:00 Linnea KOONS Embrocation Cycling Journal
9 116 0:40:51 Rebecca WELLONS PEDRO’S
10 114 0:41:17 Allison SNOOKS LadiesFirst Racing
11 107 0:41:17 Ann D’AMBRUOSO LadiesFirst Racing
12 111 0:41:28 Catherine STERLING
13 103 0:41:40 Corey COOGAN CISEK Team Plan C
14 117 0:41:44 Marian JAMISON Seaside Cycle/Antero Resources
16 120 0:42:15 Marilyn RUSECKAS Seven Cycles/NoTubes/FitWerx
17 101 0:42:40 Kerry LITKA FxD Coaching
18 113 0:43:40 Arielle FILIBERTI Wheelhouse Racing
19 115 0:46:00 Darcy FOLEY Bicycle Concepts