June 7, 2012 update: We’re back up to full speed now, two months after the accident. Thanks for the support and understanding!

On March 30th, our Chief Lackey Andrew Yee had an accident, suffering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage and a bad concussion, landing himself in two ambulances, two hospitals, three CT scans and finally in the ICU.

While we’re blessed to have a large team of part-timers to keep Cyclocross Magazine going and growing, we’re still a tiny organization and much of our operations are still a one-man show (email: [email protected] if you’d like to change that!).  Thus while Andrew recovers, some operations like customer service and our digital magazine are temporarily held up as he rests and tries to restore his cyclocross-filled brain. Until then, our ability to return phone calls and emails is a bit reduced, and the digital magazine has been a bit delayed, but we’re all pitching in to keep things going. We’ll be back on our feet soon, literally.

Thanks for your understanding and support!