Amy Dombroski wrapped up another solid weekend at the Planet Bike Cup. by Amy Dykema

Amy Dombroski will soon be flying new colors. © Amy Dykema

Amy Dombroski completed her last race in the red and black of Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix today at the Boulder Cup, finishing second.

Dombroski and the team mutually agreed to part ways after a disagreement on the mandatory use of a sponsor’s equipment. The team is sponsored by Cole Wheels, but throughout the season Dombroski could be seen riding either unlabeled or relabeled wheels not made by Cole. Although some teams often employ this practice (especially with tires) to appease sponsors but ride equipment of their choice, framebuilder Richard Sachs is particular about his equipment and expects their equipment to be used.

Dombroski was quick to credit Richard Sachs and his team for their support and equipment until now. “I am very disappointed it ultimately resulted in breaking the liaison, because Richard, his wife Deb, Matt K, Josh D, Will D, and Dan T were a wicked fun crew to spend race weekends with,” Dombroski told Cyclocross Magazine. “Richard’s bikes were great – the fit was perfect and it truly is a piece of art.  The program he has instilled over the past 13 years is one to be proud of.  He is as true to his sponsors as they are to him, and I think that is why his cyclocross program has been so successful.”

Dombroski is a petite rider, perhaps the smallest in the Elite women’s field, and was looking to save some grams by riding another company’s carbon wheels that featured lighter hubs. “In the end, it culminated with me re-decaling a non-sponsor item, with the sponsor sticker,” Dombroski confessed.  “To Richard’s credit, he did not feel I was truly representing the sponsor if I was not using the equipment.  Perhaps this loyalty is something we should all learn from.”

The rider has quickly put together a new program to be ready for the USGP weekend in New Jersey, with sponsorship from Clement, Primus Mootry, Reynolds, SRAM, Schlamm, FSA, TRP and Lazer.