Earlier this summer, we brought you spotlights on several new products we saw at the 2017 Summer Press Camp in Utah. Two months later, we’re not done yet, even if PressCamp is sadly no more. We’re headed back to Press Camp with a review of some of the new products we had a chance to see and try. Today, we take a look at a pair of gloves and a new off-road kit from Alpinestars. 

by: Saris Mercanti

Alpinestars Gloves

Alpinestars is expanding their glove offerings this year with an enduro/DH-oriented model that compliments the Kali Venture we also saw at Press Camp. The gloves feature a dense, pre-molded D30 material across the knuckle. If you live somewhere with tight trees, this is your glove. Other features included additional padding along the wrist and fingers, smartphone-friendly conductive silicone print on the fingertips and a full Clarino palm.

Alpinestars DH/Enduro glove features a Clarino palm and extra padding on the knuckles. © Saris Mercanti

The Italian brand also offers a lighter duty version, which uses a TPR knuckle panel and EVA foam padding along the fingers. Like its burlier sibling, it retains the conducting silicone finger grip and Clarino palm.

Alpinestars also offers a lighter full-finger glove that might be more appealing for cyclocross riders. © Saris Mercanti

And just for fun, here’s Alpinestars Pro-Light short finger glove. Those little strips of fabric located between the fingers are designed to make glove removal easy.

Alpinestars also offers a fingerless glove for warm-weather riding. © Saris Mercanti

Alpinestars Drop Pro Kit

Obviously, mountain bike kits are not prevalent at cyclocross races, but they are worn by the gravel crowd on occasion. Riders may also want to emulate Katie Compton by wearing baggies while dialing in their lines during pre-ride. Cyclocross Magazine spotted her sporting her bright green baggie shorts while dialing in the lines on the snowy course at Hartford the night before winning her 13th Nationals title, so the little bit of emulation cannot hurt, right?

You don’t necessarily think of apparel as being protective, but the new Drop Pro kit brings a lot of innovation to the table. Both the jersey and shorts feature anti-abrasion pads, plus a blend of five different lightweight materials to maximize durability, comfort, and resist tearing.

Alpinestars shorts could provide some mountain bike inspiration when dialing in lines during pre-ride. © Saris Mercanti

The jersey is available in short and long sleeve iterations. It features two pockets, a micro fiber cleaning insert, headphone routing, and reflective detailing. These new Alpinestars items won’t officially launch till 2018, so stay tuned for pricing and more info.

Alpinestars drop pro jersey provides a looser fit and protection while riding off-road. © Saris Mercanti

Stay tuned for more new product spotlights from the 2017 Press Camp. In the meantime, check out all our glove reviews.