Earlier this week, Andy Ward, one of our European contributors who helped with our reporting of the Milton Keynes World Cup last year, is currently training for his first race at the iconic 3 Peaks Cyclocross Race in September. He is laying out his early goals, and attempting to attack them by integrating his training into his commute as he planed in his beginner’s guide.

There are many riders like Ward around Great Britain, but few have dialed in a simulated 3 peaks ride nearly as much as Oli, who was featured in a recent video posted by  Verri Media Production on Vimeo. After months of work pouring over cartography maps, as well as a solid four or five testing rides, Oli has recreated the race in his hometown of Brighton. In the end, he added three extra miles and 220 feet of climbing.

The well-crafted video just goes to show that with enough time in the saddle and willingness to go on an all-day adventure, one can find a high-class pedigree right from the doorstep.