The past seven years, the U.S. cyclocross community would be at Nationals right now and waiting to watch the live stream of the UCI categories on Sunday. With U.S. Nationals now moved back to December, our 2018/19 edition is done and … well, not dusted given the conditions at Joe Creason Park in Louisville.

European Nationals, however, do take place this weekend. No less than 17 countries are holding their national championships this weekend.

We have a quick rundown of the races, defending champs, racers worth watching and in some cases (with a big notable exception), how to watch at home.

As always, the usual caveats apply for live streams. We dug up the ones we could find, but cannot guarantee that they will work or not be geo-blocked.

Dutch Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Women’s Defending Champ: Lucinda Brand
Men’s Defending Champ: Mathieu van der Poel

For many fans, the race at the top of the interest list is the Women’s Dutch Nationals. Marianne Vos, Lucinda Brand and Denise Betsema have all won World Cups this year, and Annemarie Worst won the European Championships. Add in Maud Kaptheijns, Sophie de Boer and others, and the race should be a great one to watch.

On the Men’s side, Mathieu van der Poel is looking for his fifth-straight Elite Dutch championship—and eighth-straight overall.

Unfortunately for fans, one of the few Americans who will get to watch Dutch Nationals is Katie Compton since the races are not being streamed.

More info is available via the race website.

Belgian Nationals

Day: Women: Saturday, Men: Sunday
Location: Kruibeke
Defending Women’s Champ: Sanne Cant
Defending Men’s Champ: Wout van Aert

The two World Champions return to defend their national championships on Sunday in Kruibeke. Both Van Aert and Cant have had their respective struggles this year, but with jerseys now on the line, it is as good as time as any for them to start peaking for the World Championships.

The Belgian Nationals races will be streamed on Sporza and should be available here. More info is available via the race website.

British Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Cyclopark, Gravesend
Defending Women’s Champ: Helen Wyman
Defending Men’s Champ: Grant Ferguson

Helen Wyman is popular around these parts in part thanks to her semi-weekly Wyman Wednesday column. On Sunday, Wyman heads to British Nationals looking to defend her title and win her 11th British Nationals. Nikki Brammeier is having a strong season as well and will be looking to get her fourth title.

Wyman and Brammeier have gone 1-2 at British Nationals 8 of the last 9 years, so signs point to a good one from them on Sunday.

On the Men’s side, the U23s and Elites are starting together, so Tom Pidcock, Dan Tulett and Ben Turner will be racing against defending champion Grant Ferguson, five-time champion Ian Fields and others. The U23s will be scored separately.

A live stream of Sunday’s races is expected to be available from British Cycling.

German Nationals

Day: Women: Saturday, Men: Sunday
Location: Kleinmachnow
Defending Women’s Champ: Elisabeth Brandau
Defending Men’s Champ: Marcel Meisen

Three-time world champion Hanka Kupfernagel quietly made her return to Elite cyclocross in December at the Pfaffnau GP Luzern. On Sunday, she returns to race at German Nationals for the first time since 2015.

Elisabeth Brandau, who had an impressive fifth-place finish at Valkenburg, returns to defend her Elite Women’s title, and Marcel Meisen is looking to win his fourth title.

There is a live stream linked on the event website. (all the usual caveats)

Czech Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Saturday
Location: Hole Vrchy
Defending Women’s Champ: Pavla Havlikova
Defending Men’s Champ: Michael Boros

After planning on starting his brief cyclocross season at Zolder and wrapping it up at the GP Sven Nys, Zdenek Stybar will be racing Czech Nationals this weekend. Stybar is going for his eighth national championship.

Spanish Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Pontevedra
Defending Women’s Champ: Aida Nuno Palacio
Defending Men’s Champ: Ismael Esteban Aguando

The big news out of Spanish Nationals is that Alberto Contador has taken a liking to gravel and is planning on trying his hand at cyclocross in Pontevedra.

There might be a live stream.

Irish Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Munster
Defending Women’s Champ: Lara Gillespie
Defending Men’s Champ: Darnell Moore

Irish Nationals is always of interest stateside—especially in the Midwest—because Chicago-based athlete Maria Larkin will be racing for her home country. This year’s Nationals comes on the heels of the first-ever UCI race held in Ireland.

More info about the race is available here.

French Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Besancon
Defending Women’s Champ: Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Defending Men’s Champ: Steve Chainel

There might be a live steam?

Swiss Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Sion
Defending Women’s Champ: Jasmin Egger-Achermann
Defending Men’s Champ: Lars Forster

Event website

Luxembourg Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Brouch
Defending Women’s Champ: Christine Majerus
Defending Men’s Champ: Soren Nissen

Italian Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Milano
Defending Women’s Champ: Eva Lechner
Defending Men’s Champ: Luca Braidot

Event website

Portuguese Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Marrazes-Leiria
Defending Women’s Champ: Sandra Santos
Defending Men’s Champ: Mario Luis Miranda Costa

Austrian Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Wien
Defending Women’s Champ: Nadja Heigl
Defending Men’s Champ: Greggor Raggl

Danish Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Odense
Defending Women’s Champ: Malene Degn
Defending Men’s Champ: Sebastian Carstensen Fini

Polish Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Sunday
Location: Strzelce Krajenskie
Defending Women’s Champ: Marta Turobos
Defending Men’s Champ: Marek Konwa

Event website

Swedish Nationals

Day: Women and Men: Saturday
Location: Varberg
Defending Women’s Champ: Asa Maria Erlandsson
Defending Men’s Champ: Martin Eriksson

Croatian Nationals

Day: Women and Men, Sunday
Location: Pula
Defending Women’s Champ: Maja Perinovic
Defending Men’s Champ: Matija Mestric