This Saturday, 678 riders will roll out from Beaver, Utah, and head deep into the Tushar Mountains for the eighth edition of the Crusher In The Tushar. The event began as something promoter Burke Swindlehurst initially wasn’t sure would pique the interest of anyone, yet has gone on to cement itself as a cornerstone of the cycling calendar, featuring participants from 31 states at this year’s start.

Todd Wells and Keegan Swenson led the descent down the Col d'Crush during the first third of the race. 2017 Crusher in the Tushar © C. See

Todd Wells and Keegan Swenson led the descent down the Col d’Crush during the first third of the race. 2017 Crusher in the Tushar © C. See

The Crusher has proven to be a melting pot of cycling disciplines, once again attracting road, mountain bike, cyclocross, and gravel riders ready to challenge themselves on a 69-mile point-to-point route that features a 60/40 split between dirt and pavement. The equipment choices are as diverse as the participants, as everyone has their own idea what the perfect setup is for the day.

2017 Crusher in the Tushar © C. Fegan-Kim

The wildflowers offer beauty for anyone who pauses to notice. 2017 Crusher in the Tushar © C. Fegan-Kim

Last year’s winners Rob Squire and Janel Holcomb overcame near triple-digit temperatures at the midway point before thunderstorms unleashed a flurry of hail at the finish. Both riders will be back to defend their overall titles and will face a number of current and former professional riders looking to ride their way onto the top step of the podium.

Josh Berry, second at this year’s Dirty Kanza 200, will look to challenge Squire and his attempt at a record fourth win. Cyclocross star Jamey Driscoll, who finished second behind Levi Leipheimer in 2014, will once again line up to contest his home state gravel race. On the women’s side, Alison Tetrick, winner of the 2017 Dirty Kanza, will compete at the Crusher for the first time and is a proven race favorite any time she lines up.

Two icons of the sport will also be in attendance, with Rebecca Rusch and Ned Overend making their Crusher debuts.

Ned Overend has won nearly everything he has attempted. How will his Crusher debut go? Stay tuned. photo: 2012 Cyclocross Nationals. © Steve Anderson

Ned Overend has won nearly everything he has attempted. How will his Crusher debut go? Stay tuned. photo: 2012 Cyclocross Nationals. © Steve Anderson

Rusch recently won the 350-mile DKXL and is a four-time Leadville 100 winner, while Overend is one of the most accomplished offroad bike racers of all time.

Rebecca Rusch celebrates her DKXL win. 2018 Dirty Kanza 200. © Ian Matteson/ ENVE Composites

Rebecca Rusch celebrates her DKXL win. 2018 Dirty Kanza 200. © Ian Matteson/ ENVE Composites

“It’s a giant thrill on a personal level to see the likes of Ned and Rebecca’s names on the start list this year”, Swindlehurst said. “They are both huge inspirations to me and it’s an honor to have them at the Crusher. I’m sure I’m not going to be the only one who has a huge grin on his face to see them lining up on Saturday morning!”

When it comes to the course, traditionally, the most notable challenge of the day is the KOM climb, a heavily-washboarded dirt road climb that averages 8% for more than five miles, taking riders up to just shy of 10,000 feet in altitude. The climb is the defining part of the course, and those lucky enough to soak up the scenery around them will enjoy panoramic views of the valley far below and expansive aspen groves near the top. By the time riders cross the finish line at Eagle Point Resort, sitting at nearly 10,500 feet, they will have earned every bit of the post-event celebration.

Full start list below.

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Neil Shirley contributed to this preview.

2018 Crusher in the Tushar Start List

First NameLast NameCategory
JohnBehrensPro/Open Men
RobBellPro/Open Men
JeffBenderPro/Open Men
KenBeneshPro/Open Men
JoshuaBerryPro/Open Men
CortlanBrownPro/Open Men
MacBrownPro/Open Men
ZachCaltonPro/Open Men
ChristopherCasePro/Open Men
MarkCurriePro/Open Men
JamesDriscollPro/Open Men
LucasEuserPro/Open Men
LukeGangi-WellmanPro/Open Men
ChrisGanterPro/Open Men
RacerGibsonPro/Open Men
TravisGillianPro/Open Men
JulesGoguelyPro/Open Men
AlexGrantPro/Open Men
LanceHaidetPro/Open Men
RoryJackPro/Open Men
TrevorJohnsonPro/Open Men
RyanKingsolverPro/Open Men
BryanLewisPro/Open Men
JacksonLongPro/Open Men
ChrisMackayPro/Open Men
JimMaddockPro/Open Men
DrewMillerPro/Open Men
GeoffreyMontaguePro/Open Men
IanMoorePro/Open Men
SamO’KeefePro/Open Men
NedOverendPro/Open Men
RyanPetryPro/Open Men
SpencerPowlisonPro/Open Men
TimothyRuggPro/Open Men
MichaelSencenbaughPro/Open Men
NeilShirleyPro/Open Men
JasonSieglePro/Open Men
ChrisSmithwickPro/Open Men
RobertSquirePro/Open Men
RyanSteersPro/Open Men
JamesStoutPro/Open Men
RobbieStoutPro/Open Men
ColinStricklandPro/Open Men
TimTannerPro/Open Men
PrestonYardleyPro/Open Men
CaseyZauggPro/Open Men
KatCarrPro/Open Women
LaurenDe CrescenzoPro/Open Women
KristinDuynPro/Open Women
AmityGreggPro/Open Women
MandyHeintzPro/Open Women
EleiseHintonPro/Open Women
ShelbyHoglundPro/Open Women
JanelHolcombPro/Open Women
KarenJarchowPro/Open Women
MalloryMillerPro/Open Women
BreanneNalderPro/Open Women
AnnePerryPro/Open Women
JeanettePetersonPro/Open Women
RebeccaRuschPro/Open Women
KatSalthousePro/Open Women
AlisonTetrickPro/Open Women
JordanAndersen29 & Under Men
ChrisBabb29 & Under Men
JordanBracken29 & Under Men
JoshBromley29 & Under Men
TylerCallister29 & Under Men
ClintCampbell29 & Under Men
JamieClark29 & Under Men
StevenClark29 & Under Men
EricDraper29 & Under Men
ZaneEnders29 & Under Men
JeffFonnesbeck29 & Under Men
KyleFosselman29 & Under Men
KyleGandy29 & Under Men
MaxHoagland29 & Under Men
KyleJohnson29 & Under Men
AaronLarsen29 & Under Men
CodyLind29 & Under Men
SamuelLott29 & Under Men
WestonLuzadder29 & Under Men
ScottMiller29 & Under Men
CalvinPerfall29 & Under Men
CollinRichards29 & Under Men
MikeRock29 & Under Men
BlakeRollins29 & Under Men
GriffinRossberg29 & Under Men
JackScaife29 & Under Men
ColinShelman29 & Under Men
MathieuSignoretty29 & Under Men
TcSutphen29 & Under Men
MichaelTarne29 & Under Men
NielsWheelwright29 & Under Men
ChrisYeager29 & Under Men
IanYorgason29 & Under Men
StevenYorgason29 & Under Men
CaseyAllred30-34 Men
CameronAnderson30-34 Men
LukeAutry30-34 Men
TravisBaird30-34 Men
PabloBles30-34 Men
MarkBoggs30-34 Men
ErikBrockhoff30-34 Men
JonathanCampbell30-34 Men
TylerChairsell30-34 Men
KaseyCurtis30-34 Men
SamuelDearden30-34 Men
RichardDoxey30-34 Men
JustinFarrell30-34 Men
MichaelForsyth30-34 Men
EricGardiner30-34 Men
JanGloeckner30-34 Men
PascalGoffin30-34 Men
DanHaeger30-34 Men
JosephHill30-34 Men
RobertKennedy30-34 Men
RyanKrol30-34 Men
MitchLongson30-34 Men
NathanManwaring30-34 Men
DevinMattson30-34 Men
JamesMengers30-34 Men
MarkMengers30-34 Men
GregoryOsborne30-34 Men
SawyerPangborn30-34 Men
ArnaudPetament30-34 Men
KylePhillips30-34 Men
JasonReamy30-34 Men
MatthewRossman30-34 Men
DarrellRoundy30-34 Men
BennettShane30-34 Men
RobbieStone30-34 Men
DanSturm30-34 Men
KaiTohinaka30-34 Men
CurtisWander30-34 Men
ColbyWeber30-34 Men
GlennWilson30-34 Men
BradAdams35-39 Men
EricAult35-39 Men
BlaizeBaehrens35-39 Men
ElliotBarcikowski35-39 Men
BerkeleyBate35-39 Men
JoeBeals35-39 Men
BergurBenediktsson35-39 Men
WilliamBoler35-39 Men
LukasBouvrie35-39 Men
SpencerBrown35-39 Men
ScottBuccambuso35-39 Men
BrendanBurns35-39 Men
ZachButterfield35-39 Men
JeffreyCampbell35-39 Men
MatthewCappola35-39 Men
CraigCarlson35-39 Men
JesseChristensen35-39 Men
TimClark35-39 Men
RyanCobourn35-39 Men
JeffDay35-39 Men
DrewDemarco35-39 Men
BruceDeppe35-39 Men
DerekEdwards35-39 Men
PrestonEdwards35-39 Men
LewisElliot35-39 Men
ToddErickson35-39 Men
BenjaminEverton35-39 Men
DavidGarrett35-39 Men
JakeGarrett35-39 Men
BrennenGee35-39 Men
ValGibson35-39 Men
StewartGoodwin35-39 Men
SeanHalligan35-39 Men
BrianHarris35-39 Men
ShaunJohnson35-39 Men
SpencerJohnson35-39 Men
ChrisJones35-39 Men
RichardKnutson35-39 Men
WarrenKommers35-39 Men
MasonLaw35-39 Men
DemetriusLeach35-39 Men
BenLogan35-39 Men
NicholasLumby35-39 Men
AaronLuptak35-39 Men
EdwinMalmgren35-39 Men
DerricMaxfield35-39 Men
ClintMcaffee35-39 Men
AndrewMccloskey35-39 Men
GoranMehinovic35-39 Men
RobbyMilne35-39 Men
MattOlsen35-39 Men
JoshOnarheim35-39 Men
TravisPalmer35-39 Men
LucasParker35-39 Men
AmmonPate35-39 Men
WesleyRasmussen35-39 Men
LarsReber35-39 Men
MikeRemington35-39 Men
ZacharyRichter35-39 Men
AndrewRobinson35-39 Men
JacobRogers35-39 Men
AndresRuedas35-39 Men
StuartSegura35-39 Men
TrevorSimper35-39 Men
MichaelSjodin35-39 Men
BrianSmith35-39 Men
CharlesSt Jeor35-39 Men
MichaelSutton35-39 Men
MichaelSzczesny35-39 Men
JamesThorpe35-39 Men
ChristopherThresher35-39 Men
KevinTilton35-39 Men
RileyTucker35-39 Men
CoreyUnger35-39 Men
EricWhite35-39 Men
ChrisWright35-39 Men
MitchellYoung35-39 Men
MillardAllen40-44 Men
RobAllen40-44 Men
AaronBailey40-44 Men
LanceBailey40-44 Men
BillBaker40-44 Men
Ryan TurboBarrett40-44 Men
JustinBelliveau40-44 Men
PaulBickerton40-44 Men
CoryBolen40-44 Men
DruBorden40-44 Men
SethBradley40-44 Men
ScottBrady40-44 Men
KevinBrooks40-44 Men
MichaelBrowne40-44 Men
SteveBrumbaugh40-44 Men
RobBrunt40-44 Men
DonChristensen40-44 Men
BrettChristian40-44 Men
BrendanCusick40-44 Men
RalphDahllof40-44 Men
CharlesDean40-44 Men
MichaelDean40-44 Men
JustinDickenson40-44 Men
StevenDoolan40-44 Men
RoryDuckworth40-44 Men
MikeEaster40-44 Men
JustenEricksen40-44 Men
TonyFenton40-44 Men
DraganFilipovic40-44 Men
ThomasFlynn40-44 Men
JustinFortner40-44 Men
JoshuaFrick40-44 Men
StevenFritz40-44 Men
NateFurman40-44 Men
JackGage40-44 Men
ShaneGarman40-44 Men
MarkGoddard40-44 Men
JasonGoodfellow40-44 Men
JosephGoodwin40-44 Men
TroyGorman40-44 Men
ToddGrinceri40-44 Men
JustinHawkins40-44 Men
JeremiahHigley40-44 Men
ShaneHorton40-44 Men
JamesHowton40-44 Men
BrianIpsen40-44 Men
MattJohnson40-44 Men
JamesJolly40-44 Men
AdamJones40-44 Men
MichaelKern40-44 Men
JeffreyKluge40-44 Men
KennethLabeja40-44 Men
DarrenLacy40-44 Men
ScottLaroche40-44 Men
CarlosLeon40-44 Men
AdamLisonbee40-44 Men
LucasLlado40-44 Men
SteveLoewy40-44 Men
DaveLytton40-44 Men
NateMarine40-44 Men
TimMatthews40-44 Men
KevinMccann40-44 Men
JoshuaMccarrel40-44 Men
DannyMcdowell40-44 Men
ChadMcwilliams40-44 Men
AlexMeininger40-44 Men
AlMichini40-44 Men
JaredNelson40-44 Men
WillNesse40-44 Men
AaronO’Brien40-44 Men
MikeOblad40-44 Men
KevinO’Keefe40-44 Men
AdamPacal40-44 Men
NatePack40-44 Men
MilesPitcher40-44 Men
ThomasPitcher40-44 Men
EricPrescott40-44 Men
GazmendQose40-44 Men
EricRasmussen40-44 Men
IanRicher40-44 Men
JonRose40-44 Men
MattSadauckas40-44 Men
EricSalstrand40-44 Men
JacobSantini40-44 Men
DrewShetrone40-44 Men
SethSpanos40-44 Men
BrianSparks40-44 Men
TTelford40-44 Men
BradVandermeyden40-44 Men
SteveVierling40-44 Men
DrewVonlintel40-44 Men
ChrisWallace40-44 Men
BrianWedge40-44 Men
RobWhittier40-44 Men
JeffWilson40-44 Men
ToddWilson40-44 Men
TrevorWood40-44 Men
EricWoods40-44 Men
JamieWynne40-44 Men
ChrisAbbott45-49 Men
ThomAlger45-49 Men
MarkAllen45-49 Men
DwaineAllgier45-49 Men
TimothyAnderson45-49 Men
PeterArchambault45-49 Men
TrevorAstrope45-49 Men
CamiBailey45-49 Men
WesBaker45-49 Men
BrandonBanks45-49 Men
AndrewBello45-49 Men
JohnBenson45-49 Men
StephanBergen45-49 Men
MichaelBradley45-49 Men
DanBunker45-49 Men
TimButler45-49 Men
WayneButler45-49 Men
ChrisByrne45-49 Men
KellyCallister45-49 Men
AronCampisano45-49 Men
RobertCarr45-49 Men
MichaelCarroll45-49 Men
KenCashion45-49 Men
MichaelChong45-49 Men
JedChristensen45-49 Men
JaredCieslewicz45-49 Men
AndyCompas45-49 Men
MichaelConti45-49 Men
ThomasCooke45-49 Men
ReedCornia45-49 Men
LamontCrook45-49 Men
BobCummings45-49 Men
OmarDickenson45-49 Men
RobDolman45-49 Men
BobEvans45-49 Men
KeithFisher45-49 Men
SteveFloyd45-49 Men
Kenneth “Bo”Foreman45-49 Men
BoydFrick45-49 Men
DannyFuhr45-49 Men
DiegoGarcia45-49 Men
ChristianGray45-49 Men
StewartGray45-49 Men
KevinGreen45-49 Men
JeffHancock45-49 Men
BerkleyHanks45-49 Men
CurtisHansen45-49 Men
MattHardy45-49 Men
DarrenHarris45-49 Men
JodyHarris45-49 Men
DavidHarward45-49 Men
MichaelHecker45-49 Men
BrookHenderson45-49 Men
BrandonHill45-49 Men
ShonHolderbaum45-49 Men
DavidHolding45-49 Men
JeffHolland45-49 Men
GaryHolt45-49 Men
LanceHooper45-49 Men
KobyHubbs45-49 Men
JeffHuntley45-49 Men
DerekIsraelsen45-49 Men
RogerIvey45-49 Men
MarkJespersen45-49 Men
G.ShaneJessen45-49 Men
BrianJones45-49 Men
AaronJordin45-49 Men
ThomasKabacinski45-49 Men
JamieKent45-49 Men
JarrodKerkhoff45-49 Men
EdKilbourn45-49 Men
JaredKnowlton45-49 Men
SteveMaisch45-49 Men
Robert EMarcellus Jr45-49 Men
PhilMartin45-49 Men
BillMccann45-49 Men
JayMiles45-49 Men
MichaelMorgan45-49 Men
RichMorris45-49 Men
MkMortensen45-49 Men
EricMoselle45-49 Men
JasonNearn45-49 Men
KaseyNewman45-49 Men
ScottNielson45-49 Men
WadeOkelberry45-49 Men
MarkOligschlaeger45-49 Men
JasonOlsen45-49 Men
JamesOrford45-49 Men
FrankOverton45-49 Men
WilliamPankonin45-49 Men
KeithPayne45-49 Men
NatePetersen45-49 Men
JayPetervary45-49 Men
GregRoach45-49 Men
MikeRossberg45-49 Men
StevenRozendaal45-49 Men
JohnSaliamonas45-49 Men
TysonSchwiesow45-49 Men
JagerSean45-49 Men
JoeSepulveda45-49 Men
DavidSheley45-49 Men
RyanSiegel45-49 Men
Gian LucaSpagnoli45-49 Men
JasonSparks45-49 Men
JohnSpencer45-49 Men
TomStack45-49 Men
DavidStockham45-49 Men
NateSwanson45-49 Men
BillyTenhagen45-49 Men
MattTennison45-49 Men
TroyThompson45-49 Men
GladeTidwell45-49 Men
EliTorgeson45-49 Men
ScottUrban45-49 Men
DrewVan Boerum45-49 Men
JamesWebb45-49 Men
AlanWheelwright45-49 Men
AndyWiese45-49 Men
John CWojciechowski45-49 Men
CjWolf45-49 Men
JamisonYardley45-49 Men
EvanAdams50-59 Men
VerlAllen50-59 Men
DaveAnderson50-59 Men
JustusAnderson50-59 Men
RandallAutry50-59 Men
CharlieAyers50-59 Men
JodyBailey50-59 Men
JBattaglia50-59 Men
AllenBelshaw50-59 Men
EliotBowytz50-59 Men
MichaelBrewster50-59 Men
RobertBrokaw50-59 Men
WayneBrown50-59 Men
JayBurke50-59 Men
PatrickButler50-59 Men
DonButtram50-59 Men
TomCarlson50-59 Men
JamesCarpenter50-59 Men
MichaelCarpenter50-59 Men
BretCarter50-59 Men
ChristopherCioni50-59 Men
TimClark50-59 Men
GaryColeman50-59 Men
DarenCottle50-59 Men
JessCouch50-59 Men
ChadCurtis50-59 Men
AndrewDailey50-59 Men
TonyD’Amato50-59 Men
DarrellDavis50-59 Men
SteveDe Albuquerque50-59 Men
TroyDelong50-59 Men
JimDeschenes50-59 Men
TorinDewey50-59 Men
MikeDonahue50-59 Men
TrentDonat50-59 Men
MikeDriver50-59 Men
ShaneDunleavy50-59 Men
NilsEddy50-59 Men
KeithEdmiston50-59 Men
AlecEror50-59 Men
EthanFisher50-59 Men
MarkFisher50-59 Men
JeffFlick50-59 Men
ScottFliegelman50-59 Men
RonFlores50-59 Men
BrianGavette50-59 Men
PaulGerhardt50-59 Men
KellyGlenn50-59 Men
TalleyGoodson50-59 Men
PhilGuillery50-59 Men
TimGundy50-59 Men
ConradGuymon50-59 Men
DavidHaase50-59 Men
BillHarris50-59 Men
TodHarris50-59 Men
TreyHarrison50-59 Men
ChristophHeinrich50-59 Men
MikeHileman50-59 Men
RobHilken50-59 Men
MichaelHotten50-59 Men
JamesHunter50-59 Men
JimJenkins50-59 Men
GregJex50-59 Men
DavidJolin50-59 Men
DrewJudkins50-59 Men
JoeKammerer50-59 Men
JeffKazan50-59 Men
MikeKerby50-59 Men
MichaelKoren50-59 Men
DarinLand50-59 Men
MarkLarsen50-59 Men
MikeLarsen50-59 Men
PaulLastayo50-59 Men
MikeLoveland50-59 Men
TomMaier50-59 Men
BarryMakarewicz50-59 Men
MikeMarchand50-59 Men
DavidMarks50-59 Men
PatrickMcginnis50-59 Men
RichardMemory50-59 Men
MarkMeyer50-59 Men
RichardMeyers50-59 Men
RodMichael50-59 Men
BobMoision50-59 Men
KevinMortensen50-59 Men
JohnNeal50-59 Men
EldenNelson50-59 Men
BenNichols50-59 Men
HalNicholson50-59 Men
DavidNielsen50-59 Men
ArtOconnor50-59 Men
JimOlmsted50-59 Men
TreyO’Neal50-59 Men
SteveParcell50-59 Men
ClayPerfall50-59 Men
PatrickPiper50-59 Men
DennisPorter50-59 Men
MikePratt50-59 Men
MorrisPusey50-59 Men
JohnRamsden50-59 Men
JohnRech50-59 Men
GregReed50-59 Men
BruceRichards50-59 Men
BillyRichmpond50-59 Men
CraigRiddle50-59 Men
DenisRoss50-59 Men
VictorRudolph50-59 Men
JeffSanford50-59 Men
EricScaife50-59 Men
VintSchoenfeldt50-59 Men
FrankSchroeder50-59 Men
ShannonScott50-59 Men
BrettSellers50-59 Men
StevenSheffield50-59 Men
CurtShelman50-59 Men
CraigSorenson50-59 Men
StevenSouthworth50-59 Men
BradSparlin50-59 Men
JimSpeer50-59 Men
GeorgeSquibb50-59 Men
KennethStringer50-59 Men
JeffSumsion50-59 Men
RayThom50-59 Men
EricThompson50-59 Men
DavidThompson50-59 Men
RichThurman50-59 Men
GeneTill50-59 Men
StephenTober50-59 Men
DavidTricamo50-59 Men
StephenTueller50-59 Men
WilliamTugurian50-59 Men
JohnVance50-59 Men
MarcWard50-59 Men
JimWedge50-59 Men
ToddWetsel50-59 Men
MikeWheatall50-59 Men
DennisWhite50-59 Men
DanielWhitehill50-59 Men
TrentWignall50-59 Men
KevinWilliams50-59 Men
JamesYorgason50-59 Men
TylerYorgason50-59 Men
J.L.Young50-59 Men
KenYoung50-59 Men
DavidZink50-59 Men
DavidBenner60+ Men
WalterBlanco60+ Men
JosephBrubaker60+ Men
RandalBuie60+ Men
WilliamDodge60+ Men
KerryDuggan60+ Men
MarkEnders60+ Men
DarryllErvin60+ Men
SamFisher60+ Men
RoyGandolfi60+ Men
AndresGiron60+ Men
JamesGreene60+ Men
SteveHansen60+ Men
DavidHouston60+ Men
MikeHunter60+ Men
KevinJohansen60+ Men
HarryJohnson60+ Men
RodneyKeck60+ Men
WilliamKellagher60+ Men
ByronKosick60+ Men
JohnLauck60+ Men
DonaldLeach60+ Men
MarkLittle60+ Men
GreggMarioni60+ Men
SteveMower60+ Men
AlexNieroth60+ Men
GaryPorter60+ Men
MichaelRoach60+ Men
DonScheese60+ Men
MikeShaw60+ Men
LarryTucker60+ Men
DarrellVreugdenhil60+ Men
RobertWillcox60+ Men
DanWilliams60+ Men
LawrenceWoolson60+ Men
JonathanZurkoff60+ Men
VinceAndersonSinglespeed Open
RichCaramadreSinglespeed Open
LaurelDarrenSinglespeed Open
AndrewFastSinglespeed Open
LeeHensonSinglespeed Open
BradleyKeyesSinglespeed Open
SteveWhiteSinglespeed Open
FeliciaBorchert35 & Under Women
EmilyBrown35 & Under Women
KatrinaEngelsted35 & Under Women
AliFlis35 & Under Women
CarolineGleich35 & Under Women
EmilyGuffin35 & Under Women
AngelaHowe35 & Under Women
KimberleyJohnson35 & Under Women
AnnLogan35 & Under Women
KaitlinMarousis35 & Under Women
MariaOblad35 & Under Women
TiffanySchwartz35 & Under Women
LindseyStevenson35 & Under Women
ErinSweetser35 & Under Women
JackieBaker36-49 Women
SaraBaker36-49 Women
ClaudiaBehring36-49 Women
MelissaBrooks36-49 Women
JillCederholm36-49 Women
CimarronChacon36-49 Women
SusanDahm36-49 Women
TaraDemarco36-49 Women
PriyaEllwood36-49 Women
KeraErickson36-49 Women
MckellGee36-49 Women
KeriGibson36-49 Women
BrookeJeffs36-49 Women
SonjaJohnson36-49 Women
MarciKimball36-49 Women
SaraKoenig36-49 Women
TammyLamb36-49 Women
LeahLemke36-49 Women
ShirleyLeydsman36-49 Women
WindyMarks36-49 Women
BrookanneMickelson36-49 Women
KellieOliver36-49 Women
LisaPivin36-49 Women
KatieRussell36-49 Women
AmberSandberg36-49 Women
MeghanSheridan36-49 Women
MoniqueSimone36-49 Women
AmyThornquist-Dunleavy36-49 Women
ColleenTvorik36-49 Women
HeidiWestfall36-49 Women
DeboraAdam50+ Women
KarinBudding50+ Women
LisaFitzgerald50+ Women
LauraHowat50+ Women
KellyHunsaker50+ Women
LisaNelson50+ Women
TracyParkinson50+ Women
KarenPritchard50+ Women
SueStokes50+ Women
DanaZimmel50+ Women