The 2016 Azencross Loenhout stop of the DVV Verkzekeringen Trofee series featured a men’s race that was an emotional roller coaster for almost everyone involved. From Wout van Aert’s slow start, to the large lead group heading into the suspenseful late laps and of course the scary, heart-stopping crash of Mathieu van der Poel, the race over the iconic pump track rollers had more drama than we expected or wanted.

Despite the concussion and stretcher removal of Van der Poel, the rest of the race was a great one.

Watch the full race in the video above.

Don’t want to see Van der Poel’s crash? It’s around the 56 minute mark, so skip past that if you’re squeamish. Thankfully, Van der Poel has reported he’s doing well.

Stay tuned for the women’s race video.