After finishing a close second on the opening day of Highland Park CX, Serena Gordon (Liv l Giant Co Factory) took advantage of the sand to get a little gap that held and won Day Two of the Elite Women’s C2 race in Jamesburg, N.J. Canadian Natasha Elliott (Garneau-Easton Cycling) improved to second place on Sunday, clipping Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers) and Arley Kemmerer (Fearless Femme Racing) in a sprint for the final spots on the podium.

Elliott, Van Gilder and Kemmerer all finished 11 seconds behind Gordon. Kemmerer, Saturday’s winner, finished in the back of the three-woman sprint behind Van Gilder’s wheel. Van Gilder claimed third and Kemmerer fourth. In fifth, 54 seconds back, was Kathleen Lysakowski (Joe’s Garage CX p/b Bikereg).

“It was great. Great racing, great competition,” said Gordon, who is going home to Oregon for a week to rest after several weeks of racing. “It was a fun course. It was a little bit slippery in a couple of corners. I like the sand. I think that is where I got the gap.”

The field of 37 riders broke apart on the first lap, with seven riders taking charge. Halfway through the race the three podium finishers started to distance themselves from the lead pack. Kemmerer and Gordon them made an extra push on the final lap.

2016 HPCX Day 2. Gordon celebrates her win with Elliott and Van Gilder.

2016 HPCX Day 2. Gordon celebrates her win with Elliott and Van Gilder.

Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo Cycling) took the holeshot in the Elite Men’s C2 race but could not hold off Carl Decker. The Giant Factory Off-road rider took his first Pro CX win of the 2016-17 season, crossing the line 22 seconds ahead of Durrin, and keeping the Day Two victory within the team after Adam Craig’s win on Day One. Derrick St John (Van Dessel p/b Hyperthreads) finished third. Cole Oberman (, who was third on Saturday, was fourth on Sunday.

The weather remained mild and dry at Thompson Park’ and the signature sand pits seemed to make a difference for the men. “This is thrifty, and fast, and fun,” said Decker. “Today was good people, [a] good course, and a really good time.”

“I was talking about the second sand pit, like it’s all going to iron out once everybody’s riding it. But it never got easier. It was really hard, right to the very end. The first one, you felt like you were good at it. And then the second one, just took it right back.”

2016 HPCX Day 2. Decker claims his first UCI CX win of the season ahead of Durrin and St. John

2016 HPCX Day 2. Decker claims his first UCI CX win of the season ahead of Durrin and St. John

Next week Pro CX events will be hosted in Louisville, Ky. at the Derby City Cup, with C1 races on Saturday and C2 races on Sunday.

2016 HPCX Day 2 UCI C2 Results - Elite Women

15GORDONSerenaLiv | Giant Co-factory42:5042:5038
22ELLIOTTNatashaGarneau - Easton Cycling43:011139
36VAN GILDERLauraMellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers P/43:01s.t.53
41KEMMERERArleyFearless Femme Racing43:01s.t.33
53LYSAKOWSKIKathleenJoe's Garage Cx P/b Bikereg43:445433
69WRIGHTJulieTeam Averica43:511:0131
77BARBOSSAStaceyMidatlantic Colavita Women's Te44:181:2851
84GROSSRebeccaKhs Bicycles44:321:4237
925NORTHCOTTKatherineWest Hill Shop44:361:4636
1010RUBINORachelFearless Femme Racing44:522:0233
1114BURTONAlexandraPortland Bicycle Studio P/b Blu45:422:5236
128BOWMANBrittleeHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman45:492:5933
1333LEGGEReginaGreen Line Velo Driven By Zipca45:543:0433
1437LEWANDOWSKIRebeccaRare Disease Cycling / Keswick46:063:1632
1532TAPIASNatalieJam / Ncc46:153:2528
1628DOWIDCHUKKatrinaMidatlantic Colavita Women's Te46:423:5247
1735MAYRhysJam / Ncc46:493:5928
1934WOODHeidi333fab Cx Factory Team47:034:1332
2027LUPIENLeslieDartmouth Cycling Team47:04s.t.29
2124FACCONEErinTeam Averica47:234:3333
2231KUYK-WHITETaylorLaser Cats Feline All Stars47:424:5230
2426VAN DER HOOPJulieMit Cycling Team P/b Thoughtfor47:575:0729
2536DINANClioKüdü Collective Cx48:135:2320
2618MUDGETarynFearless Femme Racing48:205:3031
2721WULFKUHLEKathleen717 Cycling P/b Rsi Panels48:245:3436
2817LUKOWSKIElizabethWoo Girl!48:375:4740
2911KRAVITZShainaKelpius Cycling48:506:0038
3015BROOIJMANSNatasjaGreen Line Velo Driven By Zipca49:236:3342
3113WILLIAMSPaigeLadies First49:426:5221
3219BAUERLindseyTrt Bicycles50:307:4032
3312REINKORDTElisabethLaser Cats Feline All-stars51:138:2334
3423FESTALaurenRare Disease Cycling / Keswick51:348:4433
@1Lap16FERROShaneColumbia University Cycling28
DNF22HAUSLELydiaTeam Averica26
DNS29WHITEElizabethHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman23

2016 HPCX Day 2 UCI C2 Results - Elite Men

110DECKERCarlGiant Factory Off-road Team59:53-
22DURRINJeremyNeon Velo Cycling Team1:00:150:22
313ST JOHNDerrickVan Dessel P/b Hyperthreads1:00:250:32
58MARIONRobertAmerican Classic Pro Cx Team1:00:541:01
69JUILIANOAndrewVoler/clif/hrs/rock Lobster1:01:031:10
715WOODALLRyanTeam Tgb / Mumu / Felt1:01:071:14
821D'AVINOMarkCadence Cycling1:01:241:31
93SMITHScottJam / Ncc1:02:062:13
105BRADFORD-PARISHKevinSet/coaching Giro Scratchlabs1:02:212:28
116KISSEBERTHJackJam / Ncc1:02:302:37
124CRAIGAdamGiant Factory Off-road Team1:02:442:51
1339SNYDERJordanC3-twenty20 Cycling1:03:153:22
1434WULFKUHLEAndrew717cycling P/b Rsi Panels1:03:343:41
1626DAVISMerwinCyclus Sports1:04:044:11
1723MURPHYKyleHudson/ludwig & Larsen Racing1:04:084:15
1829BLACKBURNTrentNcc / Jam Fund1:04:114:18
1937SNYDERAaronStan's Notubes/7 Mountains Lodg1:04:134:20
2027MIHALIKMichaelJmac Cycling/novacare1:04:144:21
2141WILLISTimKing Kog1:04:434:50
2240FLISMarkSquadra Flying Tigers Pb Jamis1:04:504:57
2342FESTAMikePhiladelphia Ciclismo1:05:095:16
2418KESSLERDavidRhode Island School Of Design1:05:445:51
2525TYLERMatthewKüdü Collective Cx1:06:016:08
2632OAKESAaronWenzel Coaching1:06:156:22
2730MARGARITEMichaelCrca/the Weather Channel Giant1:06:416:48
2835STAUFFERJesseKelly Benefit Strategies/lsv1:07:007:07
2917LEBAIRCraigPhiladelphia Ciclismo1:07:147:21
3020VRAMBOUTOlivierWaffle Power1:07:377:44
3144NIESENChrisNcc / Jam1:07:598:06
3238STONERJerod717 Cycling P/b Rsi Panels1:08:539:00
@2Lap48DRUMMONDJackArrow Racing
@2Lap24MANDERFELDTristanArmy West Point Cycling Team
@2Lap45GOORSKEYAbeAmerican Classic Pro Cx Team
@2Lap28GARRISONKeithKing Kog
@3Lap19LINTSAndrewRit Cycling
@3Lap47BUEHRERPrestonB2c2 P/b Boloco
DNF16MURPHYEvanHudson/ludwig & Larsen Racing
DNF12O'KEEFESamuelHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman
DNF43ERCHULLMatthewKüdü Collective Cx
DNF33ADASAVAGEGeraldHudson/ludwig & Larsen Racing
DNS1CLARKAnthonySquid Bikes
DNS14CHABANOVDanHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman
DNS22SITLERJakeVan Dessel Factory Team
DNS36RESEKHunterGiant Co-factory Off Road Team