With a season full of change, we guessed that our 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards would have plenty of changes from last year. We don’t require explanations for answering our survey questions, and these awards can resemble a popularity contest for cyclocross. This year we departed from our typical survey and asked more open-ended questions, offering the reader the full-reigns.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be releasing all of the awards one day at a time. Be sure to keep checking back to see what products are best trending with our readers. Issue 28 also has the Editors’ Awards and the Readers’ Choice awards, so be sure to order your backcopy today, which is also available on Uberflip.

Cyclocross Brakes

Best Rim Brake:

Best Mechanical Disc Brake: TRP Spyre SLC

Best Hydraulic Disc Brake:

Cyclocross Tires

Best Clincher:

Best Tubeless: Specialized Terra 2Bliss

Best Tubular:

Cyclocross Bikes

Best Dream Bike: Trek Boone 9

Cyclocross Pedals

Best Pedals: Crank Bros. Candy 2

Cyclocross Component Groups

Best Affordable Group:

Best Dream Group:


Best Shoe Brand: Sidi Sports

Best Embro: Mad Alchemy

Best Friction Fighter: Mad Alchemy

Best Helmet: Lazer Helium

Best Lube:

Best Rack: Thule

Cyclocross Racers

Most-Improved Male: Mathieu van der Poel

Most-Improved Female: Ellen Noble

Best Male Cyclocrosser: Mathieu van der Poel

Best Female Cyclocrosser: Sanne Cant

Favorite Domestic Team: JAM Fund

Favorite International Team: Liv-Giant

Most Inspiring Ride: Women’s World Championship Race

Best Racers to Follow on Social Media: Jeremy Powers, Adam Myerson and Ellen Noble

Cyclocross Races

Best Race to Watch: Worlds in Tabor

Best Domestic Race: Clif Bar CrossVegas

Biggest Controversy: Postponing Nationals in Austin

Personal Racing

Best Course Feature: A run-up that can be ridden

Upgrade for Next Year: Legs (followed by Lungs and Hydraulic Disc Brakes)

Best Pre-Race Meal: Oatmeal

Next Bike Type: New geared cyclocross bike (35%), followed by mountain bike (24%), road bike (13%), singlespeed cyclocross bike (12%), fat bike (9%) and gravel bike (7%)

Bucket-List Event for Next Year: 2016 Cyclocross National Championship at Asheville, North Carolina

Best Heckle (Our Favorites): “Reverse is not an acceptable gear” and “How do you feel about the U.S. position on Syria?”

Favorite Handup: Beer (again). Our Favorite Answer: “A set of Zipp 303s”

Where would you like to see Nationals: Portland, Ore. was the favorite, beating Bend, Ore. by only two votes. The result is clear, however, that our readers really want a nationals in Oregon.

Most Overrated Bike Racer Habit: Strava